Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Slide down my razor blade

Did you ever meet someone that you didn't really like? and you don't really have a reason? they just kind of rub you wrong?
I have!
but it doesn't happen very often to me. I wonder if it happens often for others.
I like most people even the ones w/weird quirks.
Anyway I usually start to dislike people over time and they have to be super annoying or really a jerk for me to not like them. I rarely can say that I "hate" someone. There are those times and those people who push that once in a while.
Mostly my "mean" side comes out when people I love and care about are being hurt by others. I would say its like mother bear except a lot of times it has nothing to do w/my kids.
Except a few weeks ago. Oops. A lady that is a grandma I think to one of the players on Logans soccer team is one of those screamer types. Not the cheering type but the full on screaming type........we've all heard that lady that you can hear at the Jazz games over Bolerjack and Harpring w/that obnoxious voice & if you haven't just listen, you will hear her..........anyway this lady is worse and she yells negative demeaning things. I really hate when people do that. I don't know how other people's boys are but mine is pretty hard on himself especially in sports so I don't appreciate anyone helping him w/that. Anyway, on to the story. She yelled at Logan to go after the ball because he was getting back to his position and he was not supposed to go after the ball. So I accidentally totally ripped her head off. I really didn't even mean to or consciously do it, it was kind of like a surprise burp after drinking a root beer.
Dave mentioned something about it later and I had hoped he didn't notice but then again he was between me and the lady so I don't think he could have missed it. He pointed out that she hasn't sat by us or screamed since. Maybe it wasn't an oops then huh? except I don't like to be rude to people, that part makes me feel bad, I'm sure one day I will apologize since that is what I do. I'm guessing she will still hate me. Maybe it will be good when Logan gives up soccer for football. New parents to offend.


Susan Catmull said...

I don't really think you should feel that bad. Kids don't need anyone yelling at them for any reason, let alone some stranger. I'm the dorky one who cheers for both teams and gives the "Great try" to the mistakes.
But, yes there are those people who I just can't like no matter how positive I try to spin it. Oh, well I'm sure lots of people hate me and I really don't care. So I guess we are even.
Oh, my verification word is barseac. It sounds like a disease or medicine or something?

Natalie said...

Into my dungeon door. . .

I'm laughing that you said you accidentally ripped her head off. That's hilarious!

Being nice is over rated. Who am I kidding. I couldn't tell someone off if they were stealing my purse!

Hernandez Family said...

I'm glad you ripped her head off and I wasn't even there! But, like you I would end up appologizing.

DJ and Gin Family said...

You probably thought that you were just thinking mean things to say to her, but they accidentally slipped out. I flipped some teenagers off who speed down my street and passed me once in the neighborhood. My kids even saw it. I felt so guilty. Luckily, I turned it into a "what not to do when you are angry" lesson.
You make me laugh.

The Royals said...

I would do it, too, if it was my kid. Parents get way out of control at kids games.

Hendricksonblog said...

Yes susan, some sort of mens disease. LOL

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