Saturday, January 22, 2011

and your mind is so full of bread

S'all Good!
I have turned to Peace
given it is 11:30 and no chilins are up to bug and bother.
I was thinking about what idiots Dave and I were back when Logan was a wee one.
We let him stay up w/us. Yeah, like until we went to bed! Seriously stupid!
Why in the world when you could have this deafening silence to wallow in would you ever choose to let your kid stay up past 8:30? We wised up w/Ella except she got her way anyway for years by sneaking into a too lazy to move her back mothers bed. We were wise w/Sam and he was and still is the champ at sleeping and shortly after he moved into a toddler bed Ella got Cpap so she learned to stay too. She is somewhat tethered in anyway and we were about to resort to tethering somehow w/Neve until we used the "door lock" threaten & she shaped right up.
Smart girl, that one! She is even trying to opt for a nicer mom. What 2 yr old wants another female versus her mom? and grandmas don't count?
Oh no! now I'm getting a complex.
A peaceful one though.


Lisa said...

I love the minute all of my kids are quiet and asleep. Thank goodness for me this happens by 8:30 at the latest. Sometimes 7:30 (if we have had no naps.) Serves em right though I say being up before 7 everyday. And no if I keep my kids up later they are still up by 7. Just ask New Years Eve.

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