Monday, January 17, 2011

Short and Stout

Logans new obsession is Michael Jackson for some reason. Everything he does or says he correlates some how w/the legend. I told him his breath stinks and he said "does it smell like Michael Jackson?" I came in the house and he was sprawled out on the table and he said "did you think I was Michael Jackson?" I said "why would I even think that" and he said "because I was trying to look dead" ha ha funny 10 yr old boys. He said he learned dancing from Michael Jackson. After I saw his moves I knew for sure he didn't. All white boy dancing for sure and Mike did start black.
I had a great conversation w/Sam about Martin Luther King day. I am so glad his preschool teaches him the ridiculousness of racism. I wish all racism would vanish but then I don't know who would use those white hoods and that might just be a waste of fabric.
Speaking of that, Logan was in some MLK basketball tournaments today and played well.
2 out of 3 games won so that is good for his spirits. His team got creamed on Saturday and that was discouraging but luckily his indoor soccer team had won that day so it made the pill go down a tad bit easier.
So that brings me right to:

Why would a person in their right mind ever aspire to be a referee? of any sport? Everyone hates you! I actually know some people who may as well be referees just for that fact.

I have a new intrigue: Those bumper stickers that say coexist w/all the different religions symbols for the letters. I like them! I don't necessarily know which symbol belongs to which church but the idea it portrays I really like. Thank you bumper sticker maker minus those of you making the peeing boy, sprawled out women, and grody sayings. You three need to get a real job!

Sesame seed today!
Yes he thinks that is considered a new food because before now he would not have a bun that included them.


The Royals said...

My dad is a referee. He seems to enjoy it, but I don't know why. I also like those co-exist stickers. Why can't we all just get along?

DJ and Gin Family said...


Lisa said...

to quote my Dear Michael "I'm a lover not a figher" put that on a bumper sticker!! Tell Logan I love him more now that I know he loves Michael. Ask the girls at aerobics I am a little crazy about my black Michael. I do tell people once he got white not so great, but man those beat it days cant be beat!!

Julia said...

I LOVE Michael. Has Logan watched "This Is It?" I think it's on Netflix instant.

Natalie said...

Yeah, those coexist stickers are pretty popular here in Oregon. So are subaru's, birkenstock's, facial hair, weed, and general idleness. So I don't think they're that cool anymore. But, do you know what IS cool? Michael Jackson.

Not really.

Hendricksonblog said...

looking up this is it rt. now

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