Sunday, December 5, 2010

You heard of Kung Fu? Well prepare yourself for pork chop

Whats my prob?
I have had just as many random things to blog about as any other time, yet I just haven't been able to bring myself to bore you w/it.
I have spent much of my idle time exercising (novel idea) and watching my racking up DVR full of shows. Its not that I don't normally exercise, it's just that I have this terrible plateau I'm trying to break through as I sit here tossing back the little chocolate wafers I'm supposed to make Christmas candy out of. Seriously one year I really think i ate the whole 5lb bag and had to go buy another one. Fingers crossed I control that impulsive beast this year.
This is the last handful April....the last handful....the last handful.....
which leads us perfectly into why there is a calendar pic on my camera
I laughed when I saw it. You see I have been being a little insane-o with the elliptical and decided to push it to its limits, which is 99 minutes. 9 minutes too long for me I decided and then I do a little time on the treadmill (for me a little isn't really a little---45-60 min). But, anyway I was so worn out the other night and Ella really wanted to know why it said her name on the calendar and she couldn't read my chicken scratch half-ass short hand so I made her take a picture and bring it to me so I could tell her what the calendar said.

What the?

I know I know, trust me I keep hearing it from Logan, Dave, Sam and even Ella.
"why is this crap in our house?"
First of all, I am a pretty much "whatever" kind of football fan
I think that means I'm not much of a fan
In reality if I'm being honest I just don't get all the rules
They want me to watch a game w/them and then I do and they tell me to go away because I just make jokes about players looking pregnant etc. until they (mostly Dave) can't handle me anymore. Logan actually thinks I'm funny which may be a sign that my 10 yr old boy humor lives on.
Ok so these are for Quinn but I'm stuck....what to do with them now?
and adding a B and a Y to the front of the white one is not an option
I really should think things through.
Sidenote after that U vs. BYU game I looked over and cute Logan was crying.
He tried to hide it but I saw. Such a loyal fan!

Speaking of loyal fans
too many of my children are fans of sleeping in my bed
of which I am not a fan
Funny Neve sucks her own tongue to fall asleep
I'm not sure how she does it. Believe me I try it and I can't figure it out in a way that is comfortable and/or comforting.
Go ahead try it.....your tongue has to stick out a little like below
Finlay likes to come over every day after kindergarten to play
The boys always stand like this at the TV
They are only 6 months apart
and Finlay had to wear Sam's pants while I dried his
I wish this pic showed down to his ankles...the pants are mid-calf
but one could probably guess that by looking at their heights
and, all I'm sayin is with the size of this guy that snow storm of the century surely should have buried his tiny little self
What a disappointment that storm turned out to be
One good came out of it though.
Dave taught me to use the snow blower so when he is in China I don't have to shovel it all if I'm feeling super lazy (which happens not a lot but just in case).
I pulled my hamstring using it that day


Lisa said...

Lazy April that is funny. Lazy April consists of treadmill 40 minutes and elliptical 80. Lazy Lazy April!! If I could only be as lazy as you. You never showed the world your windows on your wall and what you made of it, or what you put in your advent calendar? just saying.

Natalie said...

April- don't get into a blogging rut again, ok? Thanks.

Holy crapola with the exercising! Don't you know they have an eating disorder type thing that consists of over-exercising? But then again, I know you, and you don't half-ass anything! Unless is halfing the ass through lotso exercise. I love that phrase by the way. It fits so well. Just not in prayers. I caught myself doing that once, but I meant well.

Give Logan a hug from me. What a sweetie, crying after the game. I just cursed under my breath.

Hendricksonblog said...

I never thought of the halfing my ass. I like it. Mostly Id like the three quarter wipe out the belly at least.
Lisa the window is hung w/stockings hung from it. I have my idea rolling. We will see how it goes. I have been busy w/old photos making some x-mas gifts for family.
I ended up with chocolate, starburst and silly bands and days 18-24 are still empty. so much for non candy

Angie said...

I have caught myself in mid sentencing saying half ass in a lesson for primary, maybe that is why they released me.

I think Logan is my favorite, he is no half assing his loyalty. Good kid.

Just tried sucking my tongue, almost gagged.

PS I have been to Target twice in the last three days!

Julia said...

I cried after the Utah/BYU game, too...tears of JOY! :)

Just give me those U's. I'll put them to good use!

I would be so proud of myself if I exercised 1/4th of the amount you do. Quit making me look bad. Half-asser.



Chad said...

I read your posts and the randomness makes me anxious. I get so disoriented trying to follow along and then when I am almost done I realize that I love it so I usually read your posts twice. I didn't notice the blog vacay because I took one too. Sometimes you just need a break to allow the creativity to come back right? That's my excuse.

The Sivulich's said...

I cant think of you half assing anything either. And I would be more than happy to take those U's off your hands! My kids have also become fans of sneaking in our bed....Let me know how you get them out. :)

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