Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And there he kept her, very well

My annual Thankful post with a twist
and includes my token randomness
Okay really I don't know that I do one annually but it sounded good
and some of it is a little more a convincing than an actual truth
SNOW !!!
if its gonna be cold, there may as well be this stuff
I actually am thankful for cold with or without the snow
but I like shoveling snow
A smile or an attempt at one
and gappy baby teeth that don't get cavities easily
I love feet not the stink just the look of them
how everyone has such different feet
I was at a lady's house a few weeks back who is
going through a very hard time
The thing that sticks out most to me from that day is her feet.
I remember them vividly.
She had a really terrible bunion on each foot and it just made me think that her feet reflected her difficulties perfectly. The same way a newborns feet are uncovered by so many people just to see that perfect tiny little foot to match the perfect innocent baby.
Especially of my children.
The chubby cheeks, almost absent nose, the long eyelashes and on this one the under bite
notice the marker on her arms
which leads me perfectly into my gratefulness for a healthy "curious" child
That can climb to get whatever she wants
That has an artistic streak and an interest in colors
for new clothes that can absorb the paint so her (washable) skin doesn't have to
a cute new vest that she got to wear once
before biting open a pen in the car
and middle fingers
Doors---a perfect canvas
Floors too!
for pencils, that wash up easier than the above crayon
For men, who are taught to hold doors for others
and for this man who told Dave the other night that "he likes older woman"
(mixed up the english a bit but has a good memory of the things I've said)
well that's just a given
really I mean the silicon tool that helps me with my Thanksgiving chore
The making of a few hundred rolls
My family!
Who don't get upset at my inconsistency in size
I get a little overzealous or maybe overwhelmed
These are really each about the size of a loaf of bread and more dense
OOPS! or maybe GOODIE!
Advent calendars!
I know, weird but I truly look forward to them
although, anyone have any ideas of what I can put in
these tiny little boxes that isn't candy?
Good Friends!
Who will tell me what they think about posting something
Christmasy on my Thankful post
and who pull dead mice from my near heater vent
because I am in the opposite room trying not to gag
and in all seriousness who like me despite
my faults, mental illness and ornery phone voice
Last but certainly not least
poor little sickie
Welcome Holidays!


DJ and Gin Family said...

Mmmmmm, those rolls look yummy!! Can I come over for Thanksgiving? Sarah used to always chew me out for spending all of my money on food. She didn't understand it. I still love to eat out. Luckily I dropped the Holiday Oil habit. Glad to hear I was not the only one supporting the local gas station.

Angie said...

With gappy baby teeth you will less likely need a Mr. orthodontist, man those guys make good money!

I think dead mice smell like bad broccoli that has gone really moldy. I have been really obsessed with smells. I would be grateful for smell o vision.

I saw at Roberts, I think, these really tiny little looking toys, they could of been erasers. They were individually wrapped and could fit maybe in your thanksgiving advent calander, but I don't judge. I am listening to the Muppets singing Christmas songs.

Hernandez Family said...

Anytime you wanna shovel my snow come on over!

Funny that your a foot person because so am I. I get it from my mom. I really love to smell babies toes.

I laughed when I read that you were thankful for middle fingers. I would have never noticed her finger had you not said something. The finger matches the expression on her face perfectly.

Lisa said...

Snow: I always want it if it is going to be cold. And I love to shovel too. Just a little more workout for the day. But not in March.
Gappy teeth: Lucky. We dont have room in our mouths for all the big teeth to come in which brings braces for all my kids!
Feet no thanks. Gross! Bunions? REALLY gross! Baby feet are cute though I do admit.
Kids into stuff: thankful??? I keep telling my self "one day I will miss not having bright pink nail polish on my walls" but I just don't seem to think this could be possible. Good luck to you.
Middle finger: look at one of my last happy minutes how Ash feels about the swear finger!
Rolls: my pie. I could not eat a single bit of any pie, but I cant stop myself from the rolls. I want one now!
Advent calendars: put in pennies, nickles, dimes? I don't know but it is not candy. And you never know how much cents you will get. You could even throw in a dollar? Although that might not work depending who gets to open the door each day. Someone might be richer by the end. Good luck. Make sure you tell what you put in.
Friends: I will never be a good friend if it means pulling dead mice out of vents. But I could be a nurse or clean out a wound or something if you ever needed. And I love you with your mental illnesses. I think we know I don't have any of those. GO Karen Carpenter GO!!

Natalie said...

Just put candy in the darned thing! That's what I do. Or maybe cheerios or capn crunch. Two or three in each drawer. Cheap AND easy.

I'm grateful for friends, too. Especially all of my friends that live in my computer and phone.

Julia said...

For your Advent calendar, I would put tattoos in (my kids are always covered in them).

There are new toys called "Squinkies". They are tiny little balls with a toy in each one (saw them @ Target). Maybe these are a choking hazard? I don't know...I don't think like the-mom-of-a-toddler anymore.

Coins would be fun, too (then again...choking???).

Gum is always the first thing to grow legs and walk out of my purse, so I'd probably put some gum in there, too. But maybe with Neve's penchant for "curiosity", gum could be disastrous.

Geez, I can't be counted on to give safe, child=friendly advice.

Chad said...

I do not have toe nails on my big toes. Haven't since 10th grade. What does that say about my life?

Chad said...

Wait.. maybe that I run through life taking big risks? Unprotected?

Natalie said...

Sounds like you wear shoes that are too small for you, Chad. Maybe that's why you wear socks with your birkenstocks?

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