Wednesday, December 8, 2010

He won't come visit me because

Sam is in the backseat with Neve and says
"What in the hell are you doing"
Dave looks at me as I hide behind a CD laughing, then I tell Sam that is a swear word and reluctantly ask where he heard it, worrying about the answer.
"I think from you mom" "yeah pretty much from you"
Dave gives me a look I cannot decipher and I begin laughing again while I explain to Sam that I shouldn't say that either. In all fairness though I mostly say it just to Logan and Ella.........not to the little ones............that's better right?

I get on the phone and make a VT appt and as I get off Sam says
"Trudy? who the hell are you talking to?"
I laugh again and say "Sam remember how that is a swear word?"
He says: "oh crap, after a whole entire day sometimes I forget about that"

Who knew after all these funny years of stuff this kid says that it would morph into funny swearing?

Last night I put the kids to bed and an hour later I hear little sounds from Neve's room so I listen "jinga bells jinga bells jinga awwlaway...jinga bells jinga bells" Santa clause is coming to town now has new lyrics. They are the same as Jingle bells. Come to think of it, this year all of our christmas songs have those same lyrics when Neve is present.

Yesterday I had myself a tantrum. I was so ornery and my kids had crap all over this house. Mainly Ella but some Logan, a few Sam and Neve doesn't count yet stuff. I got a giant garbage bag and loaded everything in that was not in a "proper" place.
When I picked up the kids from school I told them what I did. Logans basketball was in there and I informed him of that. The kid started crying because he was supposed to go play basketball w/Dave after school. I told them they had to do nice things for me to earn 1 thing back at a time. Keep in mind there are whole totes full of toys in there of Ellas.
So Logan was crying about this when I took him to piano and said "I will never get my stuff back because it is soo hard to please you" I laughed.....and we remember how laughing when he is upset goes over so I had to pull it back a little until he got out of the car.
You should have seen my little helper Logan when he got home that night though. He wants his stuff back. Ella on the other hand just worked for the few things she wanted to play with at the moment but she did put them away when she was done.


Natalie said...

That is awesome! "it's so hard to please you!" I'm not sure how I would feel if my kid said that. The truth hurts.

Good idea with the garbage bag. I'll have to remember that one.

Unfortunately for us "trying to be good mormons," there is such a thing as funny swearing.

The Royals said...

My kids tell me that all the time. I don't think I'm hard to please.

Hernandez Family said...

David swears Mia says "oh shit" sometimes.

DJ and Gin Family said...

The garbage sack is a common visitor at our house. It always ends in tears too.
How do you not laugh when kids swear. It's so hilarious. Glad to hear you only swear at the big kids.

McNett Family Blog said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one teaching my kids words. Ask Kason to say fork sometime. He was stabbing my brother with a plastic fork saying, "fork you, fork you, fork you" (just substitute or for uk). I guess he's been hanging out with me too much at Toys R Us :)

Lisa said...

You werent kidding when you said you were going to have a sit down and teach your kids about the real bad swear words!! Sorry my kids couldn't attend. I hate toys!!!

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