Saturday, December 11, 2010

I know him!!!

It looks as if Neve may have just discovered that she has hands
She's so advanced for her age
I took the Kids to breakfast w/Santa at the country club this morning
I didn't know what to expect but the food was awesome
I still don't know who would eat clams at 10 a.m. but to each his own
Logan told Santa he wanted chicken pudding for Christmas
(remember when you were ten and thought you were funny?)
Ella refuses to tell me what she told Santa she wanted
She is testing the is Santa real theory this year
maybe I can just give her a garbage sack full of toys she already owns
how would that be for a test?
Sam happily stated that he wants a new car. The man behind us said he does too.
I think he means CARS car though
Here is the token 2 yr old w/Santa shot although I felt Mrs. Clause was more experienced in holding crying kids so I made her have the honors
Neve didn't ask for a thing
but was thrilled w/the candy cane and bunny she got
after they gave her back to me of course.
They missed their Dad and Neve still thinks he is just at Church. I think their Dad misses them more though especially since his calls aren't coming through too well.
I tell her China & she says "no Church"
I think it is quite possible that my kids like their dad more than their mom.....well except Sam!
I think I'll always have Sam.


The Royals said...

Great picture of Neve!

Natalie said...

I'm kind of thinking it's sad that you are husband-less. Especially at the Santa breakfast. Poor Dave, in China, right before Christmas, getting the runs and smelling funny smells. Angie goes there a lot for work, and she has some GREAT stories!

It looks like Sam spilled his drink? We had our ward party this morning with a nice breakfast. Abby was so excited for Santa, until we told her to sit on his lap. Then she freaked.

Angie said...

Sorry you have no husband but I am sure he is collecting some chop sticks for stockings!

That Santa scares me a little, just a little.

Amy said...

Love the pics April, seriously the one of Neve is priceless! And Logan, yah I actually think it's pretty dang funny! Go Logan! Sorry about having no hubby for awhile, with 4 kids, that can be CRAAAAZY! Hang in there! :)

Lisa said...

My boys if Brian isn't home is "at a meeting"! If you need to get away drop your kids off. Seriously. I love the screaming on Santas lap pictures.

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