Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Daddy's flown across the ocean Leaving just a memory

I think I set too high of a standard for myself on my To Do Lists while Dave is gone
I am sort of recalling getting so many things accomplished while he was in China in March and I really was on a Roll..............and then this happened.................................
and this....................his face is really distorted like this in real is really weird
I never knew Strep caused puffy face
that must have been my problem all these years ha ha
In light of these I still managed to get some stuff done
and my kids got to have some fun
Sam got his preschool Birthday day. I found out he may be Mrs. Jensens pet. He just ate up all the attention and the gyrating all over Sandra's lap while she sang to him. Logan on the other hand way back at this age wanted to crawl under a rock and die on this day. Aunt Sands even checked to see the color of his underwear. ONLY in this preschool can a teacher get away w/that. I love this preschool. Makes one want to just keep having children so you have an excuse to go.
I removed the walls of Neve's bed so she could be a big girl. It has been 5 days I think and she still doesn't get out of bed until I come get her. When I put her to bed that first night she kept saying "fick it mom, fick it" She wanted me to fix the walls of the crib because it seemed broken to her. Dave will have left Baby Neve and come back to the Big Girl one. Speaking of that yesterday morning she said "mom I ana talka daddy" I said "neve you can't he is in China" and she walks over to the computer very sassy like and points at it and yells at me in a very witchy voice "I ana talka daddy wight now!!!" She knows he can be in that computer somewhere.
Logan and Ella talk to him on Skype most mornings while I am still asleep because I have been staying up late w/ridiculously exciting entertainment
Like thisI actually love puzzles and someone who loves me knows I do so she thought she'd give me this challenging one where there is no picture to follow. It has been hard but I am loving it.
Nope no dinner on this table for a few days. Good thing for a bar.
Last Saturday was a crazy day but my kids were in a little program at the Ward Christmas party (which was probably the best put together one I have ever been to). Ella was in the Angelic choir. They used all the girls that had semi recently or still fit in their dress recently been baptized. It was very cute and Ella enjoyed it. Logan was a shepherd and had a line that he felt was unfairly too long.
I only got this one picture though but I did gain a great respect and or sympathy for single mothers. Holy Hannah! I was so freaking worn out from this day (this was pre puzzle). I had to miss seeing things because I needed to be somewhere else to deal w/someone else. Logan was also part of a live nativity but I was home getting the other kids ready to go. I hope someone else has pics for me.
I videoed the singing part so Dave could see it when he got home and realized that when you video you don't really see it either. I guess we can watch it together. Dave was not sad to miss the ward party. He gets his antisocial groove on when it comes to big functions like that. Most women catch my drift.
I spent the afternoon w/my Mom today. My Dad offered to keep my sicklies and She had the better % off at Kohls. I took her to lunch at the CC to try to use up the rest of Daves food minimum since there hasn't been much golf lately. I still failed. We even took some meals take out for my Dad and Adam. I knew we should have ordered desserts.
This weekend is starting to look like it may be crazy like last but luckily for us all Dave will be home for at least part of it. THUMBS UP! to that
This is getting novelish so I will stop and finish the last 20 pieces of that puzzle and go to bed early for a change since there is a very yucky feeling settling into my throat.....booo!


Natalie said...

So, I didn't know your child was to have a white dress for her baptism. I thought that was a Catholic thing. I guess Sarah and Kate's baptism didn't count. They wore black. And we didn't do announcements/invites. Does that mean we're jack?

Sorry you're going it alone. Especially the the ward party alone.

The Royals said...

Those puzzles are so much fun! We did one a few months ago.

Lisa said...

Puzzles, puzzles....I am a bad mama when there is a puzzle around. I just cant stop myself. I stay up way to late, dont want to stop if my kids need me etc. But man I love them, and I can not stay and at least do a piece or two if any puzzle is out.

Aimee said...

I got some great pictures of the Live Nativity... I will share. I have been thinking of you everyday ... wondering if you are surviving this single mom thing. You always do. And, I shouldn't worry, but I'm sure the sick kids didn't help.

I think Josh and Logan have spent too much time together lately. Everything is about chicken pudding these days. Love those boys.

Good luck tackling Sam's Birthday Party tomorrow. Let me know if you need help.

Hendricksonblog said...

I dont think that is a rule natalie but there is that story of the 3 white dresses so I think most people just do that. I didn't do announcements because there is no story about the 3 announcements.
I can go it alone I just prefer to not. I married Dave because I actually like him and not just so he could support me.

The Wingwah's said...

i hate puzzles! Mom used to always give us one every year for Christmas and i'm pretty sure I never even did ONE!
When people give them to my kids they end up in the trash because I hate the pieced everywhere.
I didn't know Dave was in China (my girls would think that was gross, though Faye and Daff now understand it is really a place, not a place on the body)>

Angie said...

I'll go to lunch with you :)

I hate puzzles but I always get sucked into doing them and they are a true form of cheap therapy.

Tell Dave to hurry home!

DJ and Gin Family said...

I have a love/hate relationship with puzzles. They are so addicting! Sorry you're a single mom to sick kids...Boooo!
Also, I'm not surprised that Nat didn't know about the white dress thing. Even though we did it, I'm not really a fan. Maybe I will follow Nat's lead and buy black for the next 2 baptisms.

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