Thursday, December 23, 2010

A jug fills drop by drop

There is a movie called waiting to exhale and I haven't seen it, nor do I even know what it is about but that is definitely how I have been feeling. I think it has Whitney Houston in it so I really have no desire to even see it. Her genre of music with all that high pitched squealing just doesn't do it for me. Or maybe thats Mariah Carey. I don't know nor do I care enough to figure it out. Sorry Whitney if its not you who does all that pig squealing.
Anyway, on to the week.
Sam had a birthday party. I only let me kids have friend parties for certain ages. 1 (more for me), 5, 8, 12, 16............and I haven't really thought beyond that. So this was his year. I had the party on the same day that Dave arrived home from China. His mom picked him up and he arrived toward the end of the party. Sam is a lover of all people....male & female so his party included both kinds, therefore lots of little bodies since he didn't want to leave anyone out.

Thayne, Ben, Sam, Carter, Avery, Andrew Muscleman, Caden
Ash, Parker, Finlay, Jocelyn, Kylee, and Future Mrs. Samuel Hendrickson (Atti)
These are just a few funny photos I took
It is hard to fit photos in when you run a party solo
hmmmm I think Ellas party had a similar issue
Owning your own business has its price
Dad works a lot
Samuel has been wanting a Buzz Lightyear and doesn't own one.
Can you guess what his happy face sees in this package?

That next night was my family Adult Christmas Party at my house

After Adam received this hat Eric announced that he could not go w/him to the games anymore.
Ashley is a clapping cheering sort of girl so Amy and I had a good time clapping and cheering when everyone opened presents because this is definitely not something my family does.
The rest of them kept looking embarrassed for us.
This is Nellies joke gift to my Dad. I saw a bumper sticker that said "I love politics" that I thought about getting him but didn't. I told him if there was one that said "I love politics, Dr.'s and Hollywood" I would have tracked it down and bought it for him.
Sarah had the funny moment of the night when she opened a gift from my mom and rudely said "Is this some kind of joke". It was a lid to the standard size cookie sheets we all have and she thought it was missing something. She didn't realize how she said it but Amy didn't let her forget by saying it about everything the rest of the night. It was really funny!

We play the "white elephant" game except we play it w/a $10 gift since we are all brats and don't want someone elses crap. This buddha is my contribution. I had to get it when I saw it because although we have always been LDS my mom used to have a little white buddha in the corner of our living room growing up. None of us have ever thought to ask Why? I might call her right now to get to the bottom of it. Little did I realize a few of my sisters actually wanted this guy. We had a great time and there weren't many pics because I wanted to have fun rather than take pictures of the fun

My kids decided to share strep w/me so Sunday and Monday were a lost cause.
Ella and Logan had their sing a long Tuesday at School

Samuels Birthday was that same day and he wanted
The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner
w/an italian soda.
We rushed home to have grandparents over for cake and ice cream
Dave and I gave him the original Buzz and he got many other presents he loves.
Can I just say that when a man that is not my husband speaks out in the night "is anyone out there" it kind of scares the crap out of me until I realize it is Tim Allens voice. That little creature works all by itself. I am now rethinking about if Dave was right in saying I should feel bad getting rid of all the toys. Are they really alive?
Logan is training this boy up in the ways of Sports Loyalty
Wednesday I spent the day doing "frosting" activities in my kids classes. It went well and I decided putting the frosting in individual baggies w/the tip cut of so each kid has a decorating bag is the way to go. It was way less messy. One kid however looked like he had been working a construction job all day when he was done. There is always at least one of them. So funny.

Lastly I took a picture of my kids Christmas art because I love it.
Sam and Ella's for their artistic talents and Logans for the good laughs it brings me.
Tonight is my Dad's B-day party and then on to the Festivities and the chaos. I'm feeling a little hum drum about Christmas this year and I hate when it feels this way but some years it just does. I hope that changes in the next day or so.


Hernandez Family said...

My mom did birthday parties on certain ages as well. And I think it was the same ages.

Chad said...

Holy posts batman.

Natalie said...

You know, you're right - what WAS the deal with the Buddah? I need to know. Ask your mom and give us a follow-up post, please. Thanks!

I miss my family at Christmas. I miss the white elephant games. Thanks for making me sad!

Oh, and Sarah is hilarious. I've done it before at a work thing for Neal's firm. The white elephant gift I opened was serious, and I laughed and trash-talked it. Some people just can't buy jokish things. They are certainly missing out on one of life's great pleasures.

Hendricksonblog said...

Crap Chad, you are right. I didn't even realize how bad they were. I'll try to do better. Try should be underlined though. I was behind firemen today at Costco and it made me think of you. They can be the homeliest men and there is just something so intriguing about them. Not that you are homely but, oh crap now my own comment on my own blog is mirroring my posts.

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