Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When sheriff John Brown come for you

Logan asked me "mom would it be appropriate to miss piano lessons if I were unconscious?"
He pulls out all the stops every Tuesday to avoid piano......poor thing.....this is one sport he never wins, the trying to wear mom down sport. He does win at getting me to swear words though but being raised by a mechanic that just isn't much of a feat.

So, the kids were grilling me on why I was eating something different for dinner than them.
I said "because I exercised a lot today and know how many calories I can eat". Logan said "what's that supposed to mean?" so I proceeded to grab the fat on the front of my belly and said "you see this?, I don't want that here" and Logan really said "Why? It looks good on you!"
As far as I could tell he was totally serious. I started laughing and he looked at me like "what?" and I said "that is exactly what a Mom wants to hear!"
The kid does have a sense of humor but he really was not using it. It might have been funnier if he were but it's nicer that he wasn't.
Maybe just because of that and not because of excessive leftover Halloween candy I will keep my belly fat around a while longer.
Above is one of my favorite pics of Logan right after Ella was born. Nellie says he looks like Rick Moranis and she is right.

I've been thinking of guns the last few days! How you can just shoot someone if they break into your house. Someone in a city nearby just killed a kid trying to break in and I think it is warranted. But, today on the news there was a guy who just whacked the burglar over the head with a shovel. The problem is that the kid got away. hmmm? What weapon would/should I use?
Do we see a problem here?
This is Aprils brain not on drugs!
I function okay but there is a whole lot of police/crime scene/drama happening up in he-ya! Whatcha gonna do?-----------


Natalie said...

I remember when I was a kid, my mom would make comments about her weight. I couldn't figure it out, because in MY brain, she was perfect! Why would she want to change? I can understand Logan's perspective. You're perfect April. Just poifect!

We have guns, but by the time I unlocked and loaded them, I'd be dead. So I keep a dangerous mountaineering axe under my bed. Much quicker to get at. And it works great to keep Neal away too:)

Angie said...

That's why you aren't preggers Nat!

I keep hearing "Feed me Seymour" now!

Logan is sweet. I should have him come and teach my kids. They go around rolling their eyes at me and call me Staley. Got that from their dad.

Go for the gun. You don't have to shoot it but you can make someone pee themselves. They also keep critters away.

The Wingwah's said...

I love that picture of logan! He was such a chubby little kid. He also looked downs syndrome in some pics too. I'm sure someone reading this would think I was being rude, ha ha. I think downs babies are adorable too. My friend said the other day that she thinks the penguin pillow pet looks like it has downs... then she said "oh, I hope you don't think i'm rude?" It really does though.

The girls were looking at old pics the other day and their was the family one with your tardo hand and Faye says "April looks beautiful!" and I said "What, she's not beautiful now?"
she says "No, she is, she's just mom beautiful" then i asked if I was mom beatiful too and she said "of course". I think she just means old! She then went on to say I look way prettier when i do my hair and wear make-up. So in other words I only look good like twice a week. I don't think kids really even notice weight like adults.

Lisa said...

I would say a gun is the best option, but by the time you get it all ready you most likely are already in a heap of trouble. Thats what I tell Brian. We have a gun in this house! You do look so good. I am getting to the point where the stomach in the front just might not go away. And can I live with that??? It is still be to determined. Good luck.

DJ and Gin Family said...

Logan is going to be the perfect husband someday. I am thinking of that scene in Shallow Hal with the giant thong.That was funny.
When I grab my belly fat, my kids make a disgusted face. Logan needs to teach them some manners.

Chad said...

That guy did exactly right. Guns are for one thing, taking away someones life in a hurry. I like the mountaineering axe idea, but that would take multiple swings. Then you get blood all over. Point is, when you have to protect yourself, you never know what you are up against, so you have to approach it from a "your life or theirs" perspective.

Remember: police respond to crimes, they do not prevent or protect us from them.

Hendricksonblog said...

Thanks Chad. I have had a lot of people look at me like I am a mass murderer when I say I seems better to just shoot them and avoid all the other possibilities if you don't.
I think that unless they pay half my taxes I should be able to even shoot them in my back yard....running away or not.
That is what I think is a consequence to their bad choice.
I of course am not quick to get freaked out so hopefully I would not be the type to accidentally shoot Dave.

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