Friday, November 5, 2010

Crusts of black burned butter toast

This will go
here A friend of mine left a comment on a post that makes me feel the need to blog strictly about myself for a moment. You see, I am no Crum Bum.
(not that there's anything wrong with that)
#1-I hate crumbs even if they are spelled wrong
#2-I pretty much save nothing
elaborating on number two a little (and not the Bum kind), if I do save something it has to have a use in the very near future or it makes a quick trip to the DI or garbage/recycle can.
Por ejemplo
This is my junk drawer
There really is no junk in there
I'm not a fan of junk, in my trunk, or otherwise.
Stuff stresses me out!
Once I tried to throw out Dave's cleats because they had dust on them. He caught me in the act and explained about adult feet and how his size will never change and how he would like to own those cleats for when he plays. Although I understand what he is saying I still feel I was justified since I am pretty sure he still hasn't worn those cleats from the 9 yr ago incident.
Dave has given me crap since I got the above windows years ago because there they sat in my garage and nothing was being done w/them. I know they didn't actually bother him but he loved giving me a taste of my own medicine. I was waiting for a vision of what they could become. The vision never came so now I am sealing one and hanging it as is. Which I now realize is the only way I would have been happy with it all along.
Next on the agenda of craziness
I love garbage day!

and in an obsessive somewhat crazy kind of way. I even like to watch the truck pick up and dump the can like I am a 2 yr old little boy who loves trucks. It's not so much the truck for me, its that stuff going far away from my house and the thought of that can being empty so I can fill it up again. Yeah! (said like Sue Heck)
My storage room has totes in it that contain mostly Holiday decor but one tote has all my cassette tapes (interesting since I don't even own a cassette player---I may need to get down there and take care of that one). One has baby clothes that me and my sisters feel are warranted in saving and sharing (keep in mind I have 4 kids and one tote of baby clothes)
That sums up the totes besides the empty ones I use for vacation
I do own a lot of clothes for myself though. Funny thing about that is I only wear the same 5 things all the time. Sometimes clothes feel like good friends so I like to give em' the love.

I went to the DI 2 times last week to drop off toys. Christmas is approaching and the thought of new toys plus all the old ones about gives me a panic attack.
Dave tries to make me feel guilty while watching Toy Story (1,2, or the fabulous 3) about my throwing out toys but to no avail. I remind him that toys are not real. I'm a fairly logical person that way.
Dave is kind of a computerish, electronicish kind of guy. So anyone who knows, knows they save cables, wires, boxes, instructions, warrantys, parts, and pieces. This is hard for me to see a box or whosits and whatsits and not want it to gozits. I hide these boxes from myself so I attempt not to know about them. He assures me that the dust can be wiped off and they are still usable but I don't believe him. If they have dust, webs, and/or spiders, then they are garbage.
I do allow my kids to keep school papers, but only if they are works of art or creativity on their part and not some sort of a pre-made kit. (Ella hates this about me I am sure)
People tell me that I could have made a ton of $ on crap if I would just collect it up a little and have a yard sale but yard sales are not "my" thing. I do not like selling things but that's a whole other boring blog post.
Is there not a happy medium between me and those "savers"?

One day when I pop a pill that allows me to enter Ellas home and travel down her paths of things to find her sitting on her couch with 15 cats cutting out coupons she will never use because she cannot find them, I will remember Jesus does love everyone even those whose name starts with pack and ends with rat.
Oops, post ended up a little about Ella. I just can't talk NEAT and not think of her.
I just realized for someone who hates chaotic messes of matter, my head sure is full of it.

These are my little tidbit savings of sayings since I last blogged (the ones I thought to write down anyway)

Sam: "mom guess what staring is? when your looking at someone completely, like your whole entire eye is looking at them!"
"okay lets play the staring game....first lets get all of our blinks out (he blinks quickly 10 times)" I always blink after a second so he can win. "ahh I saw you blink, I won you, your eyes are not good enough to play that game"
Me: "Neve lets go get your pajamas on"
Neve: "Why come?" (her jumbled sentences again but not sure why she didn't just leave it at "why?")


Natalie said...

April, I think that I may be your happy medium. I don't have tons of crap, I enjoy a good "goodwill" (Oregon d.i.) run, and I de-junk the toys before Christmas. But, I'm not super organized, and I have dusts around and I have some totes that need going through. Does tha mean I'm perfect for you?

Word veri is "clingo"

Hendricksonblog said...

Yes, and since we both get hit on by lesbians it might just work out!
Goodwill makes it sound much more intriguing.

TammaRamma said...

I like it when the garbage gets emptied too! The possiblities of an empty garbage can....sheer bliss!

Aimee said...

I think I'm like Natalie. I'm an in-betweener. I have a lot of totes I need to go through. I especially have a lot of kids clothes. I give the clothes to my sisters and SIL's and they give them back after their kids have grown out of them. I try to tell them I don't want them back, but so far it hasn't worked that way. I am big on goodwill donations, too. And the thought of more toys at Christmas gives me major anxiety. Jer always starts looking and making lists about now. I can't. Not until some of the toys o' clutter go away. I hate toys. I honestly can't wait until my kids are done with toys all together. Can't we just be a "book" family? Books are good, right? Books save. Toy's are nuthin' but another mess that I have to clean up.

Lisa said...

I am too much like you. I have 4 kids with no tots. I have nothing for a girl under the age of 4, and I have no boys clothes under the age of now what 24 months or 2T. I do think my mom "saved" a few things of my boys thinking I will want them later??? I am a de-junker to a fault, but I don't care. I wish I could give away more. But that comes into the boxes of cables, computer manuals etc that arent really mine to get rid of. I am with Aimee too the sooner we get to the music/book faze I will be eternally grateful. Cant wait to see your windows up. I like you.

DJ and Gin Family said...

I save stuff. I have atleast 20 bins of kids clothes. I can't get rid of them. Call me selfish, but I like them too much. I was packing up Reese's summer clothes and thought about giving them away, but quickly changed my mind. That's what basements are for, bins of stuff. Mine does need to be cleaned though, just don't touch my clothes bins.

Hendricksonblog said...

Stingy Ginger! Other people could be enjoying those clothes!
My sister has her own clothes from the 80's that she is gladly sporting again. I guess someday those clothes might be of use. Probably not though but you can cut them into squares and make quilts with them so you can hang onto them "forever".

The Royals said...

That is your junk drawer. Puh-lease! Come over and check out what a REAL junk drawer looks like. I told Brent I was going to post it on our blog, but he was to ashamed of it to admit that we have CRAP in our junk drawer.

Natalie said...

I won't call you "selfish" Ginger. I will call you Aunt Barbara. She was a hoarder. For realsies, like on the tv show.

Love you little sister/hoarder! Maybe I could call you "Ho" for short?

Liz said...

Lucas and I are totally different. I like to dejunk everything and he likes to keep everything. He finally threw away his 6th grade science project. Does he really need that? I think not.
I have a Samism. He was sitting by me at the Huffs house and he turned to me and said "Do you know it's nighttime in China right now?" He is so funny.

Susan Catmull said...

I live in my junk drawer and I kinda like it. With all my 80's clothes, kids toys(well some of the toys r mine) and all the unused scrapbook stuff. Nuf said!

Chad said...

I love that I inspired a post with just two words.

Best Song lyrics ever