Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm still not done decorating but this will have to do
Until I figure out what I'm going to do with (below) windows I got a few years back from the lady on the corner with the super old house with new windows
The paint color is better at least

What the cow!
She's starting to really talk and sometimes gets phrases mixed.
What the crap and Holy Cow I think

I think there is a mouse about this house and I ain't too happy. Luckily I think I caught him fast. Only 5 droppings to be found. Sucka shouldn't make a run for it in daylight. Sadly I will still have to unload and sanitize everything in the minute chance it got within 50 feet of anything I own. I'm kind of a freak about this kind of stuff. I'm guessing it will be a sleepless night.
UPDATE-Murdered Mouse. Caught on sticky trap, shovel smashed by dave
UPDATE the UPDATE-2nd mouse found on 2nd trap at 3 a.m. by me who is awakened by tiny mice noises.
Now I am concerned and have set more traps. I check them about every 15 min in between emptying all my cupboards/drawers and laundering everything in my kitchen. Oh well at least the kitchen will be clean right?


Angie said...

Nice color choice. We could have fun comparing all of our left over colors and of course I will not get rid of them.

Damn mice!

DJ and Gin Family said...

I like that color. Once upon a time I was good at picking colors. This house is jinxed or something. I had to paint over 3 different rooms because the colors were bad. I will call you when I'm ready to paint my dining room. Also, I'm jealous of those windows... I want them. Maybe the mice pooped on them, so you will have to give them away.

Noslo Family said...

Where are all the mice coming from? I've killed 3 since August, and never had a mouse in the house before now. Glue traps work the best - they kept liking the peanut butter off Chris' snap ones without getting caught. Yikes!

Chad said...

My brothers would call you a crum bum. That's what they call my dad who also collects everything that might be useful one day. One man's trash is anothers treasure right? Good luck with those old windows.

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