Friday, October 29, 2010

You're in La-La land, Fonz

Sam says: Hey mom it's pretty nice weather out there!

Sam comes to me and says "Hey hey hey mom do boys like marry their sisters when they get older, like does Logan marry Ella?" I say "no, you can only marry someone who isn't in your family, why do you already know who you want to marry?" He says "well I know but I don't want to tell you" I say "you have to tell me because I am your mom and you want to tell me everything" He says "well, well, well its either going to be Ashlyn or Atti, i'm not sure which one, but do you want to guess which one?" I say "yes, Ash just to make Logan mad" and he says "nope it's gonna be Atti"
So I tease him for a while about loving older women and ask him about a few girls littler and younger than him. He has no interest. I think he might like it when the older girls boss him around.
I then asked him who he thinks Logan is going to marry and he says "Well how old is Ashlyn because I think she is not a good age, maybe Brinlie, how old is Brinlie?" So I tell him she is almost 8 but by the time Logan gets home from a mission she will be 19. He says "yeah I think that will be a great choice" he then goes in the bathroom to get a drink and comes out and says "you know mom, I think that was perfect that we came in here to lay down and talk if you have a headache"
He just doesn't know yet that all this talking and headaches don't mix
I do not make words up that this kid says either. He is an interesting fellow.
and lastly he informed me that he would be having boys and girls invited to his birthday party because he likes girls and boys but he is not ready to get married.

My camera is MIA.(really at Daves work....who knows when I will see it again).


Aimee said...

Okay so I believe you 100% about Samisms 'cause I have heard a few of them myself and his "well, well, well" is my favorite. I don't think you will have a problem with him wanting to tell you everything when he is older. He is a mama's boy.

p.s. Emma might have something to say about Logan and Brinlie...

Hendricksonblog said...

I mentioned Emma and Logan just looked at me like "why are you even talking about this, you are an idiot" and left the room. Ha ha.

Hernandez Family said...

What about Mia? She will be a good age when Sam comes home from his mission.

Natalie said...

I have those exact same flip flops as in the picture. I'm assuming they're yours? Good taste.

Yes, he must always tell you everything. Even if you're in bed with a headache.

Lisa said...

this post made me laugh. brin would be mortified about this kind of talk, but ash would proudly announce she could not marry sam because logan is her boyfriend. who also by the way "wont break up with her" i told her that is probably true seeing how he doesnt know he is her boyfriend. good luck to me in a few years with that girl. i hope sam never stops telling you things.

TammaRamma said...

That's hilarious! For the longest time Kirby was going to marry Andrea, the girl next door! Now he tell's me he's not sure who he's going to marry. Wow, some boys start young!

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