Monday, October 18, 2010

The little one stops to shut the gate

Our Last WhoRaw!!!
Good riddance summer
I am done with summer this year
I do not like summer September
That just makes me mad
We took a little Jaunt to Lake Powell with Mike and Keri
They to fishUs to not
The kids each fished with them and had luck minus Sam who is not very patient and "pretty much wanted to go back to the other boat" after 10 minutes

We lost one kneeboard (now on the shopping list)We got one flat tire (on the repair list)
One trailer needed welding
One welder who seemed to have been blind resides in Bull Frog
(One trailer weld to have straightened out by my dad on to do list)
One gargantua WOLF (just for KareWee) spider who lived in my closet killed
before it killed all of us in our sleep
I slept in my clothes to keep safe
(yes I have issues)
Neve cheesing it up
My children trying out for the cheer squad
Neve being daring just like the others
Thanks Dave/Dad and MikeKeriboat for taking time away from the office (not the phone) to take us for some last minute fun in the sun over UEA.
Goblin Valley State Park
was on the way home so we had to stop
This place is so much nicer not in the heat of the summer
which is the only other times I have been
The kids didn't want to leave
except Neve who was scared of these Monst's
This place is a must see on your way to Bull Frog or if you are at Fish Lake and like really really long drives like my family
This is how Neve felt about watching Lord of the Rings on the ride home
She is not asleep, just scared of the Monst's (see a recurring them here?)
A few funny Neve words
Mack a Watee=Smack the water
Jack Off= Life Jacket off
Monst eee me=Monsters eat me
I cared= i'm scared
I on yike= I don't like
High pitched SCREAMMMS=anything that makes her even remotely unhappy


Chad said...

Love it. You should make your equivalent of the urban dictionary. You could call it the Neve Dictionary.

We too love Goblin valley, except Rebecca and I have never been there together... weird.

TammaRamma said...

I love Goblin Valley! One of our favorite family camp sites!

Natalie said...

I've never been to powell. How pathetic is that? I'll probably never go there. Now I'm feeling sorry for myself.

I'm thinking you should help Neve with her word skills. Especially when she wants her life jacket off.

Angie said...

Natalie I too have never been to Powell. So yes we are pathetic.

I want a Neve. Can I have yours?

The Royals said...

I also have never been to Powell. And I love the summer. I love summer in September!

Susan Catmull said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. I'm with you in keeping everything away from the body when a spider in in the area. We'll be freaks together if you can scream while spraying them or vaccuming them up.

Aimee said...

Are Neveisms going to be as good as Samisms? They are so far... "jack off" I say that too and I have a special translator for my words. Why must you make Neve watch Lord of the Rings so much....she obviously doesn't enjoy it.

My word verification is toglis. Can you ask Neve what that means?

Lisa said...

"start at the very beginning" i too don't like summer in september. i hate fish. i hate them in the water i hate them out of the water. you look freakin hot in that picture on the tube. i think we should try and extinct all spiders. even if they "supposedly" help us. ellas cheer form is actually spot on. really logan is the only one who needs more practice. i would want to have a jack off too if i was on a boat all week too. i like neve and i think my kids would never sleep if i had them watch the monsts on lord of the rings. they still haven't watched harry potter. my poor kids. or yours??? i like you.

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