Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I don't wanna grow up, cuz baby if I did

Today Neve was a royal beast at Kohls. I set all my crap that I didn't need to buy down and left the store. On the way to the car Sam Said (word for word)-"Mom that was so weird, Neve is usually as perfect as a mouse and she is being a terrifying rat"
I called my mom to relay the funny and he heard me so from the back seat he says "Mom I was not even kidding about that"
I know Sam, I know!!!

I broke down and bought some more chocolate milk powder because Neve just keeps saying "Chalk Milk Mom". I told Sam, who has obsessive compulsive disorder when chocolate milk is in the house, that he can only have 3 drinks a day. He is keeping his own track and reminds me that he has only had 2 when it is bedtime. He will now make sure that he has those 3 chocolate milks a day. I cannot win with his brain.

Silly Bands? What the what? Garbage Pail Kids kick silly bands trash!
I drove to 5 different stores to find the stupid things tonight. Logan really wanted to buy some. They got them from Lame-o store called Family Dollar. I refused to ever go in that store. I hate the name. I broke down after trying every other store.
You just had to go to Holiday for GPK's and they came with gum.
I think I will go dig mine out and show them to Logan. 10 year old boys will love that crap!


Jenn said...

You should have tried Michael's, right up front by the registers. I went through the same delima.

Noslo Family said...

I finally found them at Michaels too. In front of checkstand 4! Why do boys like these?

Angie said...

Get this, we found Garbage pail kid silly bands at Target. One of them was a fart! We then found Jareds shoe box full of his Garbage Pail kids. It was a good day!

Natalie said...

That sounds like the perfect storm - garbage pail kid silly bands and shoe box full.

Sorry about the Neve at the Kohl's. Dang kids really know how to ruin a good shopping trip. Especially those rat kids.

Julia said...

If I had a nickel for every time I did the walk of shame out of a store with a screaming child, I'd be independently wealthy by now.

Macey is in PRESCHOOL, and she's even coming home with those stupid elastic thingee-mcbobbers.

DJ and Gin Family said...

I feel sorry for those poor teachers at school. Every time I am in a classrom, some kid is spreading our their silly bands on their desk, to show off. The teacher could be rich selling the ones that she has to confiscate. Speaking of rich, Taylor sold silly bands at her classroom "Market Days", and she made a killing. Next time try the Walmart toy department. Also 7-11.

The Wingwah's said...

boys are into them too? they are a joke... but im pretty sure if I were a kid i'd a want em too.

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