Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And money talks. But it don't sing and dance and it don't walk

Dave and I apparently create a major eustachian defect
Logan=3 sets of tubes and at least one ear drum rupture. Swimming bothers him and elevations changes. He has difficulty hearing whenever he has a cold.
Ella=2 sets of tubes and an ear drum rupture just this very morning. I should have suspected because she has been saying "huh?" to everything the last week.
Samuel= 1 set of tubes. He's our odd duck in more ways than one
Neve=1 1/2 sets of tubes by 2 years old and still gets infections about once every two weeks if you can even say she ever gets rid of them completely to start with.

Next on the Agenda
Mental Illness
Logan=none-lucky boy (they say 3 out of 4 get it and they might be on to something)
Ella=I'm afraid I've passed along the anxiety. Only time will tell. She also shows signs of Hoarding behavior which I do not find funny at all. She cleaned her room by herself the other day and did a pretty good job. She even threw things away. There's hope. Maybe watching the show hoarders makes me paranoid.
Sam= just plain odd. He gets that from Dave I'm pretty sure. No actually the kid has OCD like you wouldn't believe. He won't even sit at a spot at the table or bar if there is even any sign of a crumb there (crumb phobia is definitely my fault). He likes things a certain way but hey as long as it is clean whats the harm in that. That is what we say about my Dad.
Oh dear Neve. The girl has major paranoia.
It has just started and the culprit is a fly
She can barely even walk anywhere anymore without looking frantically all around, crying and saying "bug", "bee", or "fly".
She worries that they are in her bed, her pajamas, our house, on her food etc. She can barely venture outside anymore. At first I thought it was kind of funny but I have been tempted to take her to a shrink. The other day she stood at the edge of the lawn crying because there was an ant on the patio where she needed to walk to get inside. I figured I would make her work it out. I waited ten minutes and listened to her frantically scream and then I went out there and forced her to walk right next to the ant. I thought it would help. You know ? face your fears.
Nope, I think it made it worse
Like how you itch after someone mentions lice.
The girl has some kind of paranoid itch.

I knew all my kids would be different but I never thought of different kind of crazy!


DJ and Gin Family said...

That OCD/anxious gene is a strong one. We had flu shots yesterday and my almost 11 yr old had to be held down. She knows it doesn't hurt but her anxious little head can't get over it. I almost smacked some sense into her, but the nurse was in the room. My impatient gene doesn't mix well with the OCD thing. My poor kids.
Good luck and I hope your co pay isn't too high.

dusty kay said...

I WISH Lexi would get my goodness that girl is messy...She did however get my anxiousness. I seem to be the one with all the mental illnesses...:)

Jakson had tubes, and I swear the only thing they were good for was letting me know he had an infection. His ears were always draining. Atleast once a month I had to take him in to have them drained. Finally after a year and half, of co-pays and a resistance to antibiotics, they took them out along with his adnoids and not another problem. I feel your pain on the ear infections. They are miserable. Hope Ella gets feeling better soon.

Chad said...

I hate that show hoarders. Probably because I see real world situations like that at work. I just want to grab the people and strangle some sense into them.

Hendricksonblog said...

If i could hack the rest of the firefighter job then going into those houses would be a great weight loss plan for me. I was so stupid the other day I sat down with a slice of pizza to watch Hoarders. Needless to say I started gagging and had to throw the pizza in the garbage. Yeah, late night munching is not a problem during that show. I too would love to beat their heads in. I wonder if any of those therapists have ever tried that.

Natalie said...

OCD. I have a few dandy's. At least your kids are cute little mental cases - with goop draining out of their ears.

Lisa said...

Poor you. I just don't know how it would be to have anxiety or OCD for me or my kids!!! Good luck with that. Bahahahah. Maybe if we get enough of us all in at the same time we can get some sort of discount with numbers sort of thing.

Aimee said...

Yah, I'm with Lisa. No idea what it's like to have kids with anxiety or OCD. We're mentally stable here at our home. Ha ha. And only one kid with tubes and one kid to have tonsils/adnoids removed.

Angie said...

That should be a new pre requisite before marriage. List all known illnesses both mental and physical! Nobody would get married!

The Wingwah's said...

remember when Faye was afraid of shiny floors?

Best Song lyrics ever