Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Everybody cries. And everybody hurts sometimes

What do you say? What can you do?
When people you care about suffer the loss
Of someone they love

A wise woman named Rhonda once told me that there are worse things than the death of a child
I didn't believe her at the time and after suffering my own loss I almost didn't believe her even more. Even though her words gave me so much comfort, I couldn't imagine it to feel quite as bad. I'm pretty sure now that she was 100% right but I don't want to find that out for myself.
When my friends and family suffer
so do I
It's just the way I'm built
They consume my thoughts most of the day
So this is just to say
So many of us love you
and we are very sorry for your broken hearts
You are great parents and you did the right thing
That is all you had control over


Aimee said...

You make me cry.

Best Song lyrics ever