Saturday, September 11, 2010

On channel two watch Mr. Magoo

(Nellie made her these two aprons)
Happy Birthday Ella

Treats to school
Friend party including messy aprons to decorate, messy pizza to make themselves, and messy pies. Then on to big fat mess after opening presents.
I ran this whole shin-dig solo
Dave works a lot & I was too stupid to enlist a helper
Oh well I survived and the kids had fun (I hope)
Her big birthday present that I am sure she is so excited for
I should make her pay for it
Seriously how is it possible for this to cost $290. What a joke.
The bigger joke is that they expect me to replace it every 3 months. I will opt to just keep it really clean and get more miles out of it.
BOO to sleep apnea
Ella & Faye Look completely wiped in this picture.
I think Faye was tired from 1 late night and Ella is going on 2 weeks no Cpap.
Today I ran a marathon relay while Dave stayed home and finished off the sleepover party Ella had with her cousins. What a great Dad!!! He even made french toast and hauled everyone to soccer games etc. The house wasn't even in ruins when I returned. Good Man!!!
We took Logan to his soccer game in Lehi and then Ella chose La Frontera for her birthday dinner. Then we came home and she opened gifts from us. I have been making her cake and I might enter it in to cake wrecks along with a few other of my beauties. I did NOT get my Moms decorating gene but I do know how to make my mom and sisters laugh when they see my masterpieces.
I feel kind of like I ran the whole 26.2 meself. I am tired and sneezy.
Damn you again Russian Olive Trees.
I'm off to bed so I can hopefully blue up my lips in my frigid bedroom. YEAH!!!
Then on to tomorrow, Day 3 of Ellas Birthday. I am not a fan of spreading out a birthday but this year it just had to work this way.
Has this really only been 2 days?


Chad said...

I loved three day birthdays as a kid, except that I grew up thinking that was how it was suppose to be.

DJ and Gin Family said...

CPAP for her birthday... priceless!
I want a picture of your cake masterpiece. All in favor, say "I".

The Royals said...


Lisa said...

Wow one lucky girl. I am/was always lucky to get even most of a day for my birthday, but three...yikes.... Good luck to you.
I thought you would have already shared your cake boss cake with us.

Natalie said...

I'm already dreading our birthday week - Neal on Thursday, Kate's day this Friday. Then her baptism on Saturday, then a friend party next weekend. I'm hoping the friends will be happy with a movie and some crayons? I'm a lamo birthday mom, but the kids are just going to have to deal.

Angie said...

Will you plan my birthday party for me?

Hernandez Family said...


Hernandez Family said...

PS. So excited to have Ella in Activity Days!

Noslo Family said...

Our birthdays drag on forever too! I'm always exhausted by them. You're a good mom and Kudos for making special cakes. Mine are all 9x13 with happy birthday written on the top.

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