Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not too particular not too precise

What a lazy boy and he is trying to hide when I pulled out the camera because he realized the ridiculousness of it.
Too lazy to get a plate and I wouldn't get him one so he decided he would "show me" by putting the ketchup right on the counter to dip his grilled cheese in.
He is also just spooning the watermelon right out of the rind.
He thought I would be mad
I have been throwing him off lately by not getting mad
Things that normally tick me off have been making me laugh
(note to self: when he is mad, don't laugh. That makes him like the HULK)
Sam decided to throw me off on Tuesday by announcing that he didn't want me to walk him in to preschool. Not only did he want to go to preschool but go in alone? Wow, we've come a long way. He also threatened me at 8:45 (preschool starts at 9:30) that if we didn't leave right now he would get and F on purpose when he goes to Kindergarten.
I guess that was the best threat he could come up with and he would be right.
I would be mortified if any of my children got an F in anything
(Hope I don't have to eat those words)


Natalie said...

I haven't had an episode of "the invisible plate" yet. I thought you were just taking a picture of the grossness of dipping a grilled cheese in ketchup!

Sarah went to that pre school long, long ago. Neal would drop her off because I had to go to work early. Angie also took her kid there too. She would report to me when Sarah's hair wasn't done, or when she had raggedy clothes on. One day was "pajama day," and Neal just rolled Sarah out of bed, undershirt and ratty bottoms, and took her to school without even brushing her hair. I love that story.

Chad said...

So was he eating a grilled cheese and "cats"up, or was he putting it in the watermelon? I am confused now. I hate ketchup. Not like you hate mayonnaise, but still hate it.

Angie said...

I want to see Logan turn into the Hulk. Make him mad.

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