Monday, September 6, 2010

But some are altogether Mighty frightening

I went to Swiss Days for the first time on Saturday and seriously you would think I was going to Disneyland and My name was Chad for how many times I woke up in the night in anticipation.
My Mom, Nellie, Myself, Ella, and Chloe went.
We had fun but it was no Disneyland.
The scones were awesome and the size of a large carp
That evening Keri, Angi, and I hung out with some Fat Boys while our boys went to the BYU game. Isn't it so nice when your boys' team wins?
Life is happier that way.
Speaking of BYU
Today we went to my Moms to help rip up carpet and I spent a while painting BYU's on Adams bedroom wall to then just paint over them after we got him all in a fit about it.
He can dish it out but he can't take it

Speaking of freaky, here is Atti once again reading all the books in my house. She is so nice to read to Neve so I can screw around and do nothing while I am supposed to be "tending" her.
Joke is on her Mom.
Speaking of freaky again, look at the phantom page in this pic.
No wonder Neve is so mesmerized.
Speaking of Creepy. I wonder who got some sort of chocolate deposit all over my camera?
At least I hope it was chocolate since I licked it off.
Yes she is in fact trying to put the lawnmower into gear. I think all her "riding" along with Dave was her sneaky way of learning to run the thing on her own. Too bad she will not be able to see where she is going with all that hair in her face. Where is this childs mother?

I did my pre-marathon relay run today with a suburban load of fellow faster than me runners (whom I apparently almost killed while running a red light that I never saw being red-luckily it was just a red arrow and not a "real" light. The red arrows have new, different rules to them but only when I am the driver).
I did better than I thought but I am afraid that I will forever be of the slower variety.
I think I am okay with that. It beats sitting on the couch.
Until I go sit on the couch. Then sitting on the couch beats running.
The dang course is surrounded by Russian Olive Trees
Guess who is allergic to Russian Olive Trees?
Guess who's Flonase is not cutting the mustard?
Do those trees even really get Olives?
What good are they then?
I'm knowin' what good NyQuil is right about now though.
Wish it explained or excused the random post


The Royals said...

I think Brent might be allergic too. He's been dealing with a runny nose ever since he stopped running. I mean the second he stopped, his nose started running.

Chad said...

Just for the record, I sleep peacefully before every Disney trip.

Angie said...

Ditto on the game. We were in the mountains listening and we were a little stressed.

Could I tend Atti?

What is the thrill of a marathon? Please share.

Lisa said...

I think Russian Olive Trees only bear olives in Russia that is your problem.
p.s your not slow.

Natalie said...

Join the slow club. It's nice here.

They're called Russian olive trees because they spy on us.

Abby and Neve can join the "hair in the face because mom doesn't do it" club. It's nice there, too.

DJ and Gin Family said...

I'm queen of the slow club. In fact, I'm so slow that I don't even run. Maybe you could race me then you wouldn't feel slow.
I get excited about Swiss Days every year, then I get up there and remember that I hate giant crowds of slow women who think eveything they see is cute so they have to stop right in front of you. Maybe next year I will remember...

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