Monday, September 20, 2010

Nash. Who's winning - you, or you?

Neve loves to jump on the trampoline
Sadly I cannot jump when she is on the trampoline
She will not let me get on the trampoline without her
So Ella and I watch with envy as she enjoys her time here
and then we all go in the house to do whatever she wants to do next
Sam has found a new "first favorite" food
His other first favorites are chocolate milk and cinnamon Life
His second favorite is an english muffin with egg and cheese
He also likes mashed potatoes but not when I mash them because I leave lumps
Bikini Bread is high on his list too. We are starting to lose track of his favorites because he eats like 10 different things now. WOW!!! He is trying to branch out so he can get "big and strong" for soccer.
I think someday he might run a marathon after all this carb loading
Have you ever been in a room with 2 schizophrenics?
I have
Friend or Foe?
Friend or Foe?
These two cannot decide
All Neve talks about is Ackie and then when he's here she runs around like a banshee screaming and yelling that he has whatever she might think about having in 10 minutes.
I think he takes stuff from her just for the reaction
and boy does he get one
After she is done freaking and forgets about whatever it may be he kindly brings it back to her.

Logan has a spelling word that is retardant
He says "hey mom, do you know what retard means"?
I actually know and say "to slow or stop something"
He says "yep (and i can tell he is proud of me) so Ella is a retard sometimes because she is slow"
she walks slow and does things slowly....not like slow...slow
I say (in Ellas defense) "everyone is a retard sometimes"
He says "oh yeah, Jesus was never a Retard"
Must've learned that yesterday in primary
The humor of a 9 yr old boy
Ella looked at me like.....uh is he going to get in trouble for saying that
I just laughed


Natalie said...

Ah,the re-re word. It's used much too often in our house. Mostly from my lips.

Your description of your schizophrenic, bossy daughter is exactly what happens in our house. Sarah always comments how we do everything Abby wants. Yep. Pretty much.

DJ and Gin Family said...

Ya, the retard word is an old stand by in our house too. People must think we are awful when they hear us calling our kids that. Oh well, it could always be worse. That helps me sleep at night.

Lisa said...

Tell Sam he can come over to my house and have some no lump potatoes. What is the noodle meal he is eating? Looks pretty good. Jesus was never a retard is classic.

The Wingwah's said...

Weren't you there when Nellie was saying how refreshing it is to hear other people say retard? it was funny. Obviously not calling someone who literally is... that's not funny at all. But when someones's acting retarded you call them that. Like gay. I refuse to give it up. I know lame is the new gay, but whatever. Gay.

Natalie said...

I'm with you, Sarah. I'll never give up "gay"and "retard." "Fag," on the other hand, was my concession. I decided to give that one up, except on special occasions. And I don't call gay people fags. Just stupid, retarded people.

Chad said...

Sam is killin that bite of spaghetti. Love it. Focused. Determined. Hungry. I give it a 9.

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