Sunday, August 29, 2010

Papa-ooma-mow-mow, ooma-mow-mow

What do you get when you have wind and one open door?
then add an open door on the opposite side of the house with fingers in the door jamb?
A bloody, broken mess of fingers and nails
and a glorified BIRD
Good thing he isn't driving yet or his bird could beat up everyone else's bird
I'm glad his fingers were only slightly in the way of the door or we would have had quite the mess of broken fingers instead of just one
Dave said "his first broken bone and he didn't even do it in sports"
Logan bounces pretty well and it is a good thing because he doesn't deal with pain at all
I'm kind of glad there was something they could do for his hand so he would not continue his current ideas about Doctors being worthless. You would think he was my Dad or Matt P.


Angie said...

Did you at least let him flip off the door?

Natalie said...

Ouch! I've broken lots of fingers in my time. One day as I was picking up Sarah from kindergarten, I slammed my finger in my van door. It busted and bled like a mutha. I was trying to play it cool so that none of the other mother's would notice. Sarah saw the blood and freaked. It was hilarious!

Lisa said...

I love the bird. Plus also I love the words "Son of a @#$%^" For some reason that just makes me smile. Plus I am also singing the song for your post title.

Best Song lyrics ever