Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thursday August 12th LegoLand Part 1
(I love things to be confusing)
The kids found some new parents
Seriously I would love to build this stuff. With instructions of course. I'm lame like that
Adam looked giant on this ride.
He also acted like a giant Dork.
But it made people laugh and that is what clowns are meant to do.
Dave beating the crap out of all the other racers
On this ride you did "get into the sack" (ahh memories)
He probably found a way to cheat. Oh wait, I think Heather won!
What in the world did Logan think might happen to him at the end of this ride?
Sir Tricky Ernie (I will leave it at that)
This ride was a lot of fun and you end up similar to sitting in the soak zone at Shamu
They waited one hour for this amazingly horrible log ride.
It makes Lagoons Log ride seem like the scariest ride ever
The "Big" hill
We might have all been mad waiting for them to ride this ride if it hadn't had been so funny
Neve hated this Lego Grandpa
Seriously? Is that a banana in his pocket?
Yep it was. What the?
should put this on the HUH?.....oh well too much work
Many of the children were a bit retarded on driving these little cars. Girls struggled. Maybe what they say about women drivers starts from the wee age of 4. Luckily Sam didn't crash and he used the IPDE process so well. I'm very proud!!!
Now who's the dork? remembering drivers ed manuals so well?


Best Song lyrics ever