Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Part II Legoland

Jason Beck sighting. Only he was German and this was not Kendra
Saw a concert and a few baseball games

Above photo is just for size perspective
I wanted Keri to be here. She loves mini stuff
San Francisco was a little disappointing. There were no two male Legos holding hands to be found. Everything was so accurate. How could they miss this major detail?
I wanted so bad for my Dad to be here for this one. He would have gotten quite the kick out of this. The stands were full of white trash Legos. It was like when I went to see Cars the first time and I just kept wanting my Dad to be there to experience how accurate it was.
The last three were some of my funny favorites
First there was a street that sunk and look at the little alligators coming out of the sewer. I seriously have another ridiculous fear of alligators in the sewer. How did they know? They must have seen that made for T.V. movie when they were kids too.
okay so I think this one is in the basement of the train station or something, or maybe in the subway. See the little guy at the urinal? Now look at the one below with pants down around his knees on the pot. Dave's favorite I think.
So all in all I think Dave would have rather had sharp things poked into his sensitive parts but the kids had fun and I think everyone with kids 4-10 should probably try this place once. It would have never been worth it to me without the mini land though. Simply Amazing!!!
Get 2 for one coupons though or you will be mad at how expensive this lame version of Lagoon is (minus mini land of course). Did I say I love Mini Land? Well, I do. I love Legos too.


Lisa said...

I think that the Lego land looks cool. But maybe it would get old soon. And when in the H did you put the best Flight of the Concord song on your blog. How did I miss that. Best song ever.

The Royals said...

Looks like a fun trip to CA. I miss it. I have never been to Legoland and since my kids are past the age I will have to wait for grandkids.

Best Song lyrics ever