Tuesday, August 17, 2010

andale andale arriba arriba

Day something or other Somewhere in California
Sam requests a drink
I say in what cup (he's particular in that way)
He says "In a fancy one"
Took the kids to Old Town mostly to eat good Mexican food but also to see the old schoolhouse
I mostly went to take a picture of the rules
Not sure what it is but
I'm pretty sure whittling nibs is not an acceptable behavior in schools these days
and who in the heck would want to be a teacher now with all the crap they get but feel lucky modern day teachers it could be worse (or could it?)
The rules seem pretty much the same now except I think they might be more ridiculous.
Only downside to now versus then is that you can't smack the kids.
If you could, Then, I would be a teacher. ha ha

We did finish off the day at the beach where I finally mastered the art of boogie boarding. What took everyone else a few waves takes me a few hundred. I am a remedial ocean sport learner. I still kept people 10 ft ahead. This time there were at least 3 others to prey on before reaching me. Score for me. 4 Men returned from the Sea with one limping and in clear pain with blood gushing from his ankle area. Had he been bit? Nope. Stung. By the stingable Rays. Dirty Beasts!! And everyone thought I was being funny. Ain't nothin' funny bout that. Stingray, Shark, or any creature of the sea with someway to wound you, will get the guy 10 ft in front of me?
If I'm lucky!!!


Angie said...

You should of offered to pee on that mans ankle!

Hendricksonblog said...

Oh i offered up Sams pee but he said he didn't need to go and Adam wouldn't have let him anyway. Later we googles about stingray stings and apparently the pee doesn't help. Which made me wish even more that Sam had peed on him.

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