Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So everything bends

Neve with her doll that she named "Elbow"
She also knows that there are elbows on your arms so I am not sure what about this doll makes her feel that the name fits.
She also prefers her with no clothes on.
Too confining I think.
I'm right there which ya sista.
Sam Says:
Hey Mom, Neve's stinkin' up the place.

I was talking about something happening if you do something else and he said : "Well that's one point."


Natalie said...

Elbow. That's a nice name! I know a little girl who named her doll "Scary Winka."

Chad said...

I love the names the kids come up. We got another chicken that is white and they named her Stay-Puft. A tear came to my eye.

DJ and Gin Family said...

Elbow is nice, but I like Phalange better. It kind of reminds me of Angie only more modern. I'll have to share that name with Ang, in case she ever has a girl. Reese names all of her babies Lisa, not sure why.
Neve is cute.

Natalie said...

Sarah had a pet rat when she was 4. She named her Joanne.

Nichole said...

Christian wants to name one of our kids toaster...not sure why? Elbow is a strong name...

The Wingwah's said...

Daphne's got a kid in her class named King. How bout that? Even better, he's a got a really tall mohawk. Immature parents living vicariously. gay.

Angie said...

Mabye she is obessed with the nakedness because of your previous post? Just saying!

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