Thursday, August 5, 2010

"golly, Baby, I'm A Lucky Cuss!"

Short Drive to get the oil changed.
The conversation goes as follows (as much as I can remember and not including my short responses like: cool, yep, I don't know, yeah that would be weird, and laughs)
Neve hiccups
Sam Says: Mom its soundin' like maybe Neve has the hiccups, yep thats what its soundin' like.
Mom have you ever knowed a town that like has only 4 streets? That would be totally weird.
Mom you see that car? It kind of looks like Dads car but I know it's not because of the wheels. The wheels are different. Mom does this car have holes in the wheels or is it just all straight? (hubcaps I think he is referring to all straight).
Mom Why doesn't Larry Miller just keep both the oil changers open because what if like one was full of cars and then they could go to the other one
Mom I haven't even seen a black cop car in a lot of years. No I haven't, I used to see them a lot and now I can't find any anymore.
Mom, Neve is totally stinkin' up this car huh?
Oh yeah, there is IHOP, oh wait that's not IHOP, I don't even know what I'm talking about.
Mom what if both of our cars were white, that would be funny and then if you said we are going in the white car, I would be like....what? oh yeah and Mom what if both of our cars were white and were both called suburbans and I was like which car and you would say the white one and I would say which white one and you would say the suburban and I would be like what the crap, I don't even know which car to put my booster in Mom.
Mom, are we almost home? (oh Sam you have no idea how much I would like to be there yet)


Natalie said...

Who needs the radio when you have the Samio? Very entertaining! He reminds me of you and your randomness. Yep, he's your kid. When he learns to write, you should invite him to guest-blog every once in a while.

Angie said...

I would follow Sams blog!

What would you do if you had two white cars and they were both suburban? Really, what would you do?

The other day Tom asked me why Jackass is a swear. He has heard me say it too many times lately in the car. I told him what it was and then he told me it's also Jacks bumb.

What would we do without kids?

DJ and Gin Family said...

I'm surprised you caught all of that. I would have just pretended to listen the whole time. Maybe I should stop tuning my kids out, they might be funny like Sam, and I just haven't been listening.
Yah, i would read Sams blog.

Hernandez Family said...

I would read Sams blog for sure!

Now that I think about it I haven't seen a black cop car in a while too.

It sure is a good thing you don't have two white cars we don't want to confuse anyone.

Chad said...

Sam has a blog? Sign me up.

What if both of your white suburbans were really called astro vans and didn't drive at all, then when you told the kids to get into the white car to go somewhere, and it didn't really go anywhere they would be really confused and then thought maybe they should have put the booster seat in the other one, except the other one doesn't go anywhere either. Wow.

Chad said...

ps- I made all that up just now. None of it is true.

Lisa said...

I guess who needs the black cops when there are so many white ones. There were 3 in front of my house last night. "The kid was just having to fill out some papers, but he didn't have to go to jail. His mom was at the house!"
What is this kid going to be like when he actually tries to be funny. I would follow Sams blog, but reading deisdktlekoeir weiruwoerfkjdkje would get old after a while. Until he learns to type. Get him on that will you.

Aimee said...

I've decided the comments on your blog are just as entertaining as Sam.

I think you forgot all the "and and and and's" that Sam usually includes in his conversations.

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