Saturday, July 31, 2010

For the Lord protects his barbers, And He makes the stubble grow

ahh that title takes me back to 8th grade Spanish class

I really think I ought to write a book about Mothering at its finest.
(any other mothers want to add your knowledge to this book?)
I think your kids get older so they can help you out with your chores and try to make your life a bit easier until they reach the dreaded teenage years and make your life.......well......not easier so I hear.
No Dave is not naked. How nice will this be when Ella can do this all by herself. She can cut their hair all in a row. Dave, Logan, then Sam, while I eat bon bons and watch Days of Our Lives.
I knew having kids would be worth it. I have some friends who think they are bad moms because their child has cavities but I on the other hand think it is a sign of good parenting. It means you are teaching your children to be independent. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Cavities and so many teeth issues are genetic anyway....I think! Dave tells me this story how when he was a kid his toothbrush was at Brimhalls for like 3 months and he didn't brush his teeth yet, he has no fillings. I always brushed and have at least a pound of lead in there (is it lead? sounds better anyway.) He gets plaque ridiculously though and he even brushes, flosses, and mouth rinses. I could probably do none of that (keep in mind I said could) and never get plaque. I bought him the sonicare and no more plaquey baby. I however still use an old school toothbrush and don't eat candy anymore and floss every day and cavities still find their way in between my teeth. Little Dirtbags!
Anyway I like nice teeth and clean teeth and teeth that aren't missing.
What was this post about? Hmmm? Oh well. Off to watch THE ROAD.


Chad said...

You know my thoughts on dental care. I posted about the flossing hoax a few months ago. I still use the free toothbrush I get from the dentist every 6 months. Actually I use one for a year and keep the other one for cleaning hard to reach places in the house.

Angie said...

That picture is priceless. LOve it. I am to the point that I am enjoying the child labor. I haven't unloaded the dishwasher for well ever. I am going to have to pick up my share once school starts again, crap.

DJ and Gin Family said...

My diswasher just went back to school. So sad!
I'm glad to hear that Dave was not naked in that photo... big relief.

Lisa said...

I want you to write a book on what does qualify for a bad mom if letting your kids get cavities isn't one of them!! if you take the shaving outside you dont have the hair mess in your house. or is the clean up the boys mess while you get an extra bon bon? "the human mouth is a disgusting place".

Natalie said...

I'm pretty sure it's lead that's in your mouth.

You do have freaky teeth. Didn't you get your wisdom teeth out when we were like 12? And I laugh hard that Dave left his toothbrush at Brimhall's for 3 months. I remember well when I went on toothbrush breaks.

Hendricksonblog said...

No wonder I weigh so much. I had them out when I was like 15 and I lost a ton of weight but then I got more fillings to replace it.

Amy said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning April, LOVE it! And I totally agree they are partly genetic, man my poor kids, my mouth is full of lead too and Jake has NOT ONE single cavity. Hopefully they take after dad, not looking good so far. :(

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