Tuesday, August 17, 2010

She took the midnight train goin' anywhere

Day 2 Oceanside (or shall I say Day 1 Seaworld? hmmm?)
I should have never started this numbering system
I'm so confused
Why do you look so nervous Neve?
Ahh I get it. A doggie. Also known as a bear to the rest of the world
funny thing is, a polar bear is the stuffed animal she chose in the shop
She fondly calls it doggie
Sam and Ray (the non stinging variety)
not non stinky though
Neve and I loved these itty bitty highly poisonous frogs
Sam was soo sad that we didn't sit in the "soak zone" and get wet. He had disappointment written all over his face the whole day
So I let him pick our seats for the 9 p.m. Shamu show
Guess where he picked?
Row 6
and guess what we got?
He was so happy and now Seaworld is the happiest place on earth
(for Sam)

So I never blog to change lives or influence people but I will take this one moment to give a lesson to parents: If your child is on a ride and gets scared halfway through, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT signal a ride operator to shut the ride down while they go get the long crowbar that unbuckles your kids seat to get them out while everyone else is stuck on the ride (halfway up the hill, halfway down the hill, right under the drippy waterfall etc...). Seriously !!! Are they going to die if they finish the ride? Especially now that the part that scared them is over? Why can't our kids suffer some, heck we had to walk to school both ways uphill in a snowstorm?
This crap can be added to the ever growing list of things that bug......right with that 4 way stop thing Angie blogs about.
Not that any of this happened on Journey to Atlantis


Chad said...

Did you get to see Shamu kill any workers while you were there? We didn't either. I love the soak zone.

Hendricksonblog said...

They don't even get in the water with them anymore. Boooo to no risk

DJ and Gin Family said...

I'm with ya the on the whole "make your kids do things, it won't kill them" thing. I will admit that I waited in line for the Tower of Terror, for like 20 minutes with Tay. Right when we got to the front of the line she started panicking and everyone was giving me the stink eye, so I didn't make her go. We had to use the employee exit. I got my revenge by putting her in line for the roller coaster and not telling her what ride it was. When we got to the front her Dad just lifted her in and buckled her up. She had no choice but to ride.... I wonder why she doesn't trust me. I hope you liked my page long comment.

Hendricksonblog said...

Loved it Ginger. I took Ella bawling on Tower of Terror and half the people thought I was rude and half thought I was right. I'm with the latter half. Ella doesn't trust me either.

Angie said...

Good for you GInger and April. I tricked Zoe into getting on a ride a galoon. I didn't feel guilty at all.

Did Sam smell like stinky whale water all night?

Lisa said...

Can I just say 9 Minute Nemo Ride with two boys screaming. Not pretty. I think if you keep the ride going people will be mad and want a what did they call it a "vodka" ride next. Or you stop it and it makes a big scene people will be mad too. This is what I call a Lose Lose situation.

Hendricksonblog said...

Oh 2 yr old boys are very very different from this 9 yr old girl who wasn't even crying. Her mom was just one of those moms where the kid runs the show. Where is that Vodka ride anyway? I bet the lines would be a lot shorter if all the drunks could be waiting in that rides line instead.

Hendricksonblog said...

Kids under 4 are allowed to get off rides. Except mine. They have to suck it up. Unless someone is puking, then please let us all off the ride.

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