Monday, August 16, 2010

He really breaks it up when he plays reveille

Day 1 Oceanside
She started out looking pretty cute
So did he minus his uncut hair
Everyone ended up looking their own version of "this"
Logan in action. He was running straight so I had a longer opportunity to get a picture
I didn't keep my camera out long because cameras and water + sand don't mix too well
This activity apparently causes major Chaffing if you are of the male variety
I was not chaffed in any way
I started off this day always making sure someone was at least 10 feet in front of me in the ocean. That way if a shark were to come attack, I would have time to get away.
Today unfortunately for her it was Heidi who would be the sharks bait.
Everyone laughed as if I was joking (I wasn't, that is truly how I think)
No offense to the poor sucker 10 ft ahead of me
It really could be anyone
Blah blah blah, sharks rarely attack people, blah blah blah
then what is their story?
I'm one of the lucky few?
The perdy sunset that is not anything like it looked in real life in this picture.
Dave sacrificed seeing it to park the car. I don't think he was sad.
Did I mention it gets dark early in California?
7:42 sunset? Who-da Thunk?
We walked down this pier that people were fishing off of and It kind of stunk like all sorts of non appealing smells but we did it and we can say we did.
I guess I will never understand the appeal of fishing.
Maybe if I ate fish?

Sam says:"Mom guess what my best lunch would be?" Me "what" Him "pizza with salsa"
Sam is helping Neve in the shower and he starts yelling for me so I go in and she has suds all over her hair so I am worried and I say "Sam what is in her hair" he says "the kids shampoo so it won't hurt her eyes but I can't get her to go under the water to rinse it out" I grab a cup and pour it over her head to rinse. He says "oh yeah, I can totally handle her next time if I have that cup!"


Heidi Brown said...

What are sisters-in-law for if you can't use 'em for shark bait? Any time, April, any time.

Liz said...

That's why I choose not to get in the water. Especially after Adam got bit. I know I'm a wimp. Neve cracks me up with her fascination with sand.

Nichole said...

Oh man I can't wait until we make our way to California! Looks like fun!

Natalie said...

He's the boogie woogie bugle boy from company B. A toot, a toot, a toot didlee ada toot, he blows it 8 to the bar, in boogie rhythm. He can't play a note unless the bass and guitar are playin' with him. . .

Hendricksonblog said...

let me guess... you did not have to google that? As long as you get the correlation between the song and my post then we can still be friends even if you know that whole dorky song. I only know like 2 lines.

Rachel said...

I don't ever get the correlations between song and post so can we still be friends? And I think you could make some serious moola from a Sam quote book. Fun times for you guys!

Hendricksonblog said...

Rachel, it is one word in that song that goes with what Dave is riding in the wave.

Natalie said...

Nope - no google for me. Just years of listening to my mom teach singing lessons. That was a popular tune. As well as "The Rose," and "Memories" from CATS. I could sing them all!

Boogie board = boogie woogie bugle boy

Best Song lyrics ever