Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lived through their vocations

Sams first day of soccer.
He is holding up the score. He made the first goal and seems to be one of two kids on his team that understands why they are even there. As soon as he made the first goal he turned around while at the same time extending both arms in the air with one finger on each hand pointed up (no not the middle finger). He was so proud of himself. Keri said he was like "oh yeah, see all those people over there, yeah they're here for me" My Mom, Dad, Adam, Chloe, Clyde, Norma, Mike, Keri, Me, Dave, Logan, Ella, and Neve. Those fields are so small that we literally took up the whole one side. What can I say, he's a fun kid.
He woke up this morning and promptly asked Dave what time soccer practice is.
Back to school
Yeah for me
Yeah for them
Kind of boring for Sam
He asked at 11 o'clock yesterday if the kids would be home soon
Luckily today he is having a great time playing with Atti
Ella has to have more than one shot taken usually and I sent Dave out to take the photo because I was a little short on time.
I started a new routine for me too just so I could suffer right along with the school children.
So far it looks like they are enjoying it. Me, not so much.
Dave has no faith in me about keeping my getting up early thing going
He says he knows me and my sleeping all too well
I'm going to "try" to prove him wrong
Until I'm done trying
Loving the throwback styles. So cute. I wish I could wear them

Sam and Atti are running from Neve yelling "we're doomed, we're doomed" she is chasing them saying "De doo, de doo". She is kind of random with her talking because one minute before "dee doo" she said "addi backpack" Maybe that new tube is messing her up


Becky said...

Ella looks like quite the fashionista! And I'm always a sucker for a pair of plaid shorts!!

Okay, am I the only one who wants to kiss Sam all over his face and I don't even know him?

Lisa said...

So what ungodly time are you trying to get up in the mornings? I tell you 5:30 is a killer. And I don't recommend it to anyone that stays up later than like 9:00. Good luck to you. Ella looked really cute at school. I love to be back into the routine of school days. Sams the bomb.

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