Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's the point of prolonging the inevitable? We're all just one stitch away from here.

I'm going to make this snappy since my upright moments don't last long.
You hear of bunions and corns and falling down while getting out of the car and falling the middle of the road and what do you think of? Well now we can add pneumonia........Yeah a 90 year old woman right? Well I'm a little over a third of the way there and have already conquered all of those (minus the last, I am still working on getting through that one)
So while at the condo last week on the 2nd to last day I got really sick and apparently my Dad mentioned to Lisa that Pneumonia is the worst thing to get in the summer. Sunday I went to Instacare and they cannot hear a thing but I can feel it. So I get the chest x-ray and guess whats not normal. Seriously???
I can see now why this illness kills Senior Citizens. I wanted to curl up and die myself but mostly because of the headaches.
Anyway on Sunday
I tried to sit down and watch a movie and ironically Mr. Mom had just started. Dave makes such a better Mr. than good old Micheal.
He was multitasking like a maniac. He packed up our whole condo and all the kids and we came home and then he unpacked everything, made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. He did the dishes kept bringing me drinks and asking me if I needed anything. He is a far better nurse than me I have to admit that but I am sure he already knows that since he is the receiving or non-receiving end of my aid when he is sick. Dave is my favorite nurse because he keeps ice in my water for one of the main reasons.
The next morning he was off to take Neve to the ENT. Norma kept everything running smoothly while he was gone and then took the kids for the day. I appreciated having Neve gone so much once she got home with her monstrous screaming going on. Norma and my Mom played tag team today babysitting me and the kids which was very appreciated. I would have been crawling around looking like the creepo lady on The Grudge.
Neve is very sick too but she is a lot more noisy about it. She acts worse for Dave too and I don't know why. He is so patient and he never throws her through the wall like I want to sometimes.
Anyway I am not the proud owner of 4 bandaids on my bum and a prescription that makes me vomit, one that makes me have Alice in Wonderland type dreams (which I do not like), and then some that actually work.
I ate some food today and drank some water so I can walk to the bathroom without crashing into the door frame. Sam is so proud that I am getting better. He said "Mom I hate this house when you are sick"
Don't we all Sam, don't we all.
Sad to say that my money for the 10K on Saturday gets flushed down the toilet, unless someone wants to use my name and run it. I'll take your time fast or slow and live vicariously through the young.
For now I will just keep my one foot in the grave just to save my place


The Wingwah's said...

on deaths door... but... .must... blog.
I'm sorry you got sick on the vaca... me and the girls had a good time.

The Wingwah's said...

oh yeah, we watched Mr. Mom too on Sunday. Still a pretty funny show. Ridiculous yes, but funny.
Sean swears the little blond kid is Owen Wilson. It's not, i looked.

Hendricksonblog said...

I have to use Daves iPad somehow. Games and movies make me barfy but short typing does not. Cut me some slack. I am soo bored. And yes those shots hurt but apparently the thinner u r the worse they hurt. See there r good reasons for people to b fat. Warmth and less pain with bum shots

The Royals said...

Today when we went out walking we saw Dave mowing the lawn and I was sure that you were sick. Why else would Dave be mowing the lawn!? I am so sad that you won't be running the race :( Maybe Tyler can run it for you and get an awesome time for you!

Angie said...

I bet Dave looks really good in a nursing outfit, like the naughty ones!!! Make note for Halloween!

Sorry you are dying. It's been fun knowing you.

Natalie said...

Yes, bum shots hurt. Sorry you had to have some. And sorry you've been so sick. Thanks for making me laugh about it though. That's a gift!

And I watched Mr. Mom TOO on Sunday!! All the way here in Oregon we get the same Sunday night shows. I love that show - "Was his manager dead? Or alive?"

Lisa said...

Sucks to be you! I really do hope that you start getting on the up and up. I didn't watch Mr. Mom, but can watch the whole thing in my brain right now. "Your doing wrong, North to pick up South to drop off!" Tell Dave he "will be blessed for his efforts."
p.s i am going to be running this race with a sore throat. I can't seem to get rid of it, and running with a sore throat is not fun I tell you.

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