Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh would you just shut up? You're rats with wings

Ahh look at Harold enjoying his little nap in the sun
Then sneaks along someone (whose name may or may not be a month of the year) quietly sprinkling food all around him.
What happens next?
Instant friends
This happened on our Braycation which I will get around to blogging about when I am a little less Zombie-ish. No luck on being well 7 hellish days later. Spinal headaches now of some sort. Probably something rare and odd and meant for the very old and feeble to get. Otherwise, why would I have it? All this time off my feet and I guess I am less likely to get a sprain though.
I think my Aunt was even over here today sweeping my floor (awesome!!!). Oh yeah and Jenifer in my ward brought dinner which was so nice and good but who am I? Who is this person living in my house? Not doing her own chores? not taking care of her own kids? laying in bed all day? Freezing Cold? Blinds drawn? ahhhhh.............................
I sat on the bathroom floor today for a few hours and stared at the laundry hampers holes. They were neat, the drugs weren't working and It was the only position and place I could be that didn't hurt my head and neck. Not to mention it was close to the toilet as nausea was in full swing.
I Surrender!!!


DJ and Gin Family said...

Yah, what he said (????)
Dang, I bet you wish your kids were starting school on Monday, like mine are. At least that way they would be out of your unwashed, pukey hair. I'm sorry you're sick. If I were nice I would bring you dinner. Hope you can kick this thing quick.

Noslo Family said...

Yikes! Sorry you are so sick. Chris had pnumonia once and had to go in for IV treatments for a whole week. Ever since then he sweats bullets from his forehead very easily. I'm right there in the old lady club with you. I have shingles for the second time in 2 years. Get well soon!

Angie said...

I don't believe you are sick, I think you are faking just trying to get out of work!!!!

Where's the after picture?

Chad said...

I, for once, agree with Angie.

If it is real, I hope it gets better for you really soon. What is going on anyway?

Natalie said...

Admit it - it's your detox from the meth. It makes you feel like crap.

Word on the street is that spinal headaches are terrible, horrible, aweful. I'm so sorry. Are you leaking spinal fluid?

And great sea gull attraction.

Lisa said...

Just think of this as your gung ho weight loss week. I unfortunately have been eating this week and not throwing it up. Poor me. O I mean poor you.

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