Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl

Now that I am done with my "days off" and realize faking sick is not all it is cracked up to be I will blog about before I started faking sick.
Sidenote: If you ever lay in bed for a week, your legs are really really sore when you start using them again so fake something where you can still walk around.

Eat your heart out guys, she's a BEAUT!!!

My family went to Pineview/Wolfcreek for vacation this year. We decided to take a break from camping (Dave and I have been taking a break from camping for a few years) and all stayed in condos instead. I think they liked it. Chloe was just thrilled to swim "every day".
Now I have to find the pictures because we took them on different cameras and on phones. This technology thing is really a pain for me and my blogging.
First of all this is how and where Dave spent the majority of 7 Days. He is very nice to drive every one else around the whole time and he only gets a limited number of turns. He is more picky about what the water has to be like though.
Here is Sarah the DIVA lounging in the sun w/style. Faye was doing some sort of booty dance and I caught her mid hip thrust. She used to dance like Elaine but she seems to be getting better control of her moves these days.
Is it just me or does this seem like a polygamists amount of kids?
Yes they are all ours!
Eric making some sort of tub for the kids to wallow around in. Axel did spend a fair amount of time sitting in it but unfortunately did not come out clean.
My Dad who is not so much a fan of the Sun and the Sun doesn't agree with his skin cancer so shade it is. A big tree, a chair shade and a hat should suffice. Funny thing about skin cancer: He never spends or did spend any time in the sun (minus as a child) yet he has it. Hmmmm..
Neve and Phoebe learning how to be DIVA's from the best of em' and her beach gear.
Neve will have to quit eating sand to accomplish this task though. Maybe next year?
I however am no DIVA (as if that needed to be said) so I spent an hour playing mount the buoy with Samantha. She never bothered to ask anyone else to swim with her. They are all cold skinny ladies. Once again the benefit of chubby (thanks Bray genes)
Token photo of Neve with the winky eye
and last but certainly not least,
A Sarahish photo of Sam looking too tired and weak to even go on.

We didn't spend all our time at the lake but I didn't have my camera handy while we were doing other things like eating and playing PIT. My Dad cheats at PIT too. He moo's while trying to trade cattle so people know what he is trying to trade. We played PIT as kids and I really missed Kerry playing. He would purposely keep one of each commodity so no one would ever win and the game went on and on until we caught on. I think it was his way of not losing.
The End
One last inquiry? Is it possible to get pneumonia from Lake water? How does one go from not even so much as a sniffle to a lung full of crud in one day? Riddle me that.


Chad said...

Mounting the buoy? Did I read that wrong? Hmmm.

I hate PIT. I always lose (like every other game).

I love water. In my next life I want to be a killer whale, not the free willy kind, but one that eats seals.

Hendricksonblog said...

You know you did. I love water too but I do not like being in water with creatures.

Angie said...

I remember Dave saying once, "there will be no free willying tonight" Classic.

PIT is the best. Always makes me think of girls camp.

Glad you didn't die!!

Natalie said...

Hmmm. Mount the buoy. That sounds kind of private.

I'm glad to hear you are up and walking again. Will your lungs be weak forever now?

Aimee said...

Oh that is a lot of kids. At least there are multiple sets of parents cause I remember you posting a picture of you and your siblings (from the early 80's ish) and there was only one set for all those kids. Looks like fun.

Glad you posted a picture of yourself even if it is of you mounting the buoy.

Hendricksonblog said...

The lungs never gave me much issue minus the ridiculous fever. The headaches are what ailed me. I better not have crappy hacky lungs now.....that will make me mad. I'm going to try jogging tomorrow to give it a test run. Rode my bike today.....now my bum hurts

Laurel, Brian, Addison & Liam said...

Maybe you'll sound like a 60 year old chain smoker. Awesome.

I would like to say if I had been there with you guys I would have been mounting the buoy as well, but we all know I was have been with Sarah laying in the sun floating on the raft, minus the sun hat, because I love skin cancer. Then again, who would be watching my kids.

Glad you're starting to come around. I hope I never get pneumonia, unless I can lose a grip load of weight, then I would really hope to GET pneumonia.

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