Monday, July 5, 2010


Happy 2nd Day of the 4th of July!!!
We celebrated by staying home from church (except Dave because he had to go count the widows mites)
Dave has pink eye which he thought was called red eye (ha ha).
He also may have Strep
Neve has Strep and an ear infection and Ella has the uncontrollable coughs and puke-o-rama.
She coughs until she barfs and sadly she is like me and once the barf happens her stomach requires it to continue until it is empty.
I'm thankful for a deck and a high pressure nozzle on the hose to clean all that crap she sleeps with up. Sam and I have skirted the germs so far (fingers crossed).
I spent the better part of today doing bedding laundry and putting together Legos with Mario
SamanElla played with this little house and had a restaurant and everything going on. All I know is at one point I heard Sam say "okay Ella we are open from 9 until 8:30".
Neve just Godzilla-ed her way around as usual. She thinks you shut one eye when you smile.
Dave layed on the couch once he got home and actually looked similar to Neve, with one squinty eye. Neve loves soup and I think that seems weird for her age.
This is how I roll
we have more but I ran out of containers so they are color coded in baggies until I make my way back to IKEA
on to day 3 of the 4th of July


DJ and Gin Family said...

I'm loving the Mario stache... mine looks very similar.

Jenn said...

We stayed home too! Casey had to go to the InstaCare, for a strep culture. They sent us home with a perscription of cough syrup and sent his swab to the lab. I love color coded everything I'm OCD about things like that.

Angie said...

Lego's are by far the greatest invention ever. I need to get me some of those cool little cases, but there is no way in h e double toothpicks I am taking four kids to IKEA. It will have to wait till school starts.

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