Thursday, June 24, 2010

We can leave your friends behind

Not sure if I already used this song but it works in two parts of my post.
This is by far the worst part about blogging......organizing all these pics......ugh!!! Here we go!
We took the boat out yesterday for its first time this season, if this so far can be called a season.
We went to Utah Lake and while it is not my favorite mainly because you cannot see anything in that green water, it was really calm water for a change.
(this photo above is # one for the has something to do with osha)
Logan did the knee board well as usual but the kids were wimping out on trying much of anything. Logan is a bit worn out and tired from 7 days of fever and sore throat and the "Summer O Logan"* so I guess we can cut him some slack.
Krystal called at just the perfect moment and came along with us. She might have been the most brave of the kids.
Neve and Myself (which is rare for me to post a photo of. Blah!) going on the tube about 3 mph. She loved it. Sam is here too but my Mass hides his tiny specimen of a self.
Sam and the Knee board. Not so much!!!

Neve got tired and I got tired of holding her limp form so I created a bed out of towels and jackets. It lasted about 30 mins.

On an unrelated note, our faucet has issues in the form of a leak but Neve doesn't mind at all.
If you notice the scotch tape in her hair take note: Scotch tape holds hair back really well while eating spaghetti for dinner.

*Summer O Logan=Logan has Golf clinics for two weeks, Basketball Camp, a BBQ for his Soccer League, Swimming Lessons, and Scout camp all in the space of 3 weeks time. Lets not talk about the cost of raising this child.

Below is #2 reason for title. Obviously!!!


Natalie said...

Next time you hitch up the boat, just head north on I-15, then take I-84 into Portland and then I-5 down to Salem. Then, I'll show you a great lake by our house. You would love it. And I would love to be invited.

Judging by the dance, Sam likes the boat. Am I right?

Angie said...

It was nice day yesterday, do you have burns? My mass could eat your mass! Don't get me started on the cost of kids, and they aren't even teenagers yet.

Brian said...

Logan ain't got nothin on the Summer of Brian

Lisa said...

I guess you "can leave your friends behind" I just wish you didn't!!

DJ and Gin Family said...

Before you hop on I-15, jump off bangerter and pick me up... THEN you can swing up to Portland. That would be double the fun. Two Hansen's, nuff said.
I need a little Sam of my own. I couldn't call him Sam though, Nat already has dibs on that name.

Lewis Family said...

Looks like fun! Very jealous!! All of our lakes have snakes and a few alligators.

Anonymous said...
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Heidi Brown said...

I love Sam's dancing and Neve's scotch taped hair! They are all so darn cute!

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