Saturday, June 19, 2010

Move over, Mr. Pricklepants!

We are out driving today and we drive past a yard sale. Ella is in the back and says "oh yeah a yard sale, its a perfect day for a yard sale, because we are going to see Toy story today". I'm in the front thinking "what the huh?", we never go to yard sales and we never have them so what is she talking about. Then she says "well not a yard sale in toy story one but in Toy story two" and Sam is like "yeah". They both are totally on the same page with this conversation and It takes me ten minutes to catch up. Oh yeah the yard sale where the guy steals Woody. Now I get it.

Then we drive by the arena previously known as the "E" center and there is a picture of Justin Bieber and I only know this because it says his name right below it and it clicks in my mind of the little girl whisperings I have been hearing of this name. So I say "hey Ella there's Justing Bieber" and she gets excited and says "where?" so I point to it and she sees him and smiles. I said "how do you even know who he is?" she said "Chloe always goes to him on youtube when we go to grandmas and he has been on Disney channel" Then from the back Sam says "Yeah I know Dustin Beaver" I laugh quietly.
Ella says "oh yeah then what does he do?" Sam replies in his I'm guessing tone and says "um sing?". good guess kid and Ella believes that he knew all along. Yeah I keep my 4 yr old up with the latest in teen idols.

We went to see Toy Story 3 today. It was awesome! Dave shushhed me once because I guess I was laughing when he didn't deem it appropriate. (don't worry though, I shot him the evil eye) This was one funny movie, especially Ken. The theater must have been full of duds because even Sam was laughing at parts and other people weren't really finding as much pleasure in the show like Keri and I were. Yeah, Keri joined us and we appreciated her patience in waiting one whole day to go see the movie. When it was about to start I looked at her and she was tapping her fingers together in front of herself in excitement. It looked like when someone is about to go on an awesome roller coaster. She asked Ella if she thought she was more excited to see it or if Ella was and Ella quickly replied "YOU".

We got home where my Mom was waiting with Neve. We decided she would ruin our movie so she stayed home (not my mom, Neve). Dave told the kids that he was sooo surprised that no one even had to go pee once during the movie (which is a world record especially if you know Logan) and then Sam said "yeah and no one had to poop either"

Did I mention that show was awesome? Yeah it was. The Spanish Buzz was kicking out a little sex appeal. Oooh la la. I had no clue a toy could do that! It adds a whole new dimension to my thoughts on cute vs. handsome vs. sexy. I'll have to spend some time to think on that.
I like it the best out of the 3 but maybe because its new. Number 2 was awesome too (not to be mistaken for the #2 Sam was speaking of )


Hernandez Family said...

I laughed through this whole post. Your kids crack me up especially that Sam. Glad nobody had to poop! That actually would have been a record in my family. Everywhere we went my brother had to poo. I swear he only pooped at public places.

PS. I totally knew what Ella was talking about the yard sales!

Angie said...

so jealous, we have to wait till this week, but that is only because I was a little sick, stupid, moms aren't suppose to get sick.

I am and always be a sucker for poop stories, I am sick.

I can't stand that Dustin Beaver. Please, comb your hair and stop wearing your mother's lip gloss.

Noslo Family said...

I LOVED the Spanish Buzz too. I'm sure I annoyed the whole theatre by reading the text to the boys. Barbie was great too.

Chad said...

I was/kinda still am scared of public restrooms. I can pee there no problem, but if I have to number 2 it, I hold it till home. I especially hate warm toilet seats in public restrooms because that only means one thing, someones butt was recently on it. Makes me sick to think about someone else's butt freshly on the seat I am using.

Now I forgot what this post was even about.

Chad said...

Oh yeah, TS3. Can't wait to see it. Maybe tomorrow.

Lisa said...

I love how this post took a turn of poo. I won't even sit on a public toilet. I just do the squat out in the woods position. No thanks germs. As for the movie hope to see it soon.

DJ and Gin Family said...

It's a good thing that Chad is not a girl... we have to sit everytime.
Also, what's with finding a toy sexy? I haven't seen the movie yet, but you're weird (a good weird though).

Natalie said...

We are excited to see the movie, but must wait for DVD. Our one-movie-in-a-theater-for-the-year comes out in July, Harry Potter.

It's not the E center anymore? Where have I been for the past 6 years?

The Royals said...

I'm with Sam. It's always good when no one has to poop.

Lisa said...

I forgot to say I hate yard sales. Is that bad of me? But I do.

The Wingwah's said...

Buzz sexy? ah maybe. Now Ken, he's my kinda man.
my word is DISEQUES and no joke when I read it I though of your sexy spanish Buzz saying it to me... over dinner... in the moonlight.

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