Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well … how was I to know There was a party going on

The First 2 weeks of Summer for the last 4 years my kids start out every day by going to swimming lessons. I decided to post a few photos of what I see during the lessons which may include butts, melvins, messy hair, unattractive positions, snot running from noses and possibly a crack or two. At least on the little kids most of this is still kind of cute.

So how is it that everyone else's photos are super cute and looked posed and perfect like the photo below?
Do they bring their own photographer?
Sam loves swimming lessons. He asked me when we were going again and I said "next year" and he said "yeeessssss".
Neve on the other hand is not a fan of swimming lessons unless of course I let her rifle through the contents of my purse and chew the corners out of every piece of gum in there plus chew apart the packages and even then she seems mildly disturbed about being there.
If anyone even looks her direction she yells "Mine" and tries to grab onto anything in the vicinity she can possibly claim. She's a beast but she's mine.

Boooooooo! to bringing her to swimming lessons..........from Me.
Dave "Won" some tickets to a Bee's game at Nerdtacular this year
He got sick so my mom went w/me and the kids minus Steve Nash
(The Nash is the new addition to Neves steve nickname because Eric thinks she looks like Steve Nash because she has bad in your face hair.)
Ella was trying to keep a good eye on the guy selling the cotton candy. I on the other hand was eyeing the kettle corn. It is never as good as it looks but for some reason I always have to test that theory out. The next is a progression of photos of Sam "smiling" for the camera. More like dorking it up.

Logan spilled mustard all over his shirt from his free hot dog. Anyone surprised?

We had a couple of Sam moments that made this more bearable. Sorry I am not a lover too much of watching baseball (duck and cover). He saw the guy carrying the cotton candy/ketlle corn and said "now that is lookin' good". The men in front of us got a good laugh out of that.
Speaking of the men in front of us, I am sure the one was hitting on my mom and he was ridiculous and they were listening to everything we were saying and then commenting on it. (hmm reminds me of someone at a clogging competition wink wink Aimee).
At least Sam did a gigantic sneeze that showered them both with germs. That's what they get for being such busybodies. My mom and I made a lot of non verbal eye communication tonight, yes we did.

Lastly the funniest moment for me and Ella is begging me not to tell Dave.
We were dropping my mom off and Logan had to go get a drink so he got back in the car and was trying to sit in the front. So I was letting him see if he turned the air bag on with his weight before I made my decision. I mentioned that it could kill him if it turned on and we got in a crash. I put it in Drive and rolled forward a bit and Ella started frantically crying in the back seat and yelling for Logan to "please get in the back, stop mom stop, Logan please get in the back, nooooo mom" so the little airbag ON light lit up and I was already stopping to make him move before she went into this full upset freak out. I suddenly realized that she was terrified that he would die and I felt so sad but was holding back this giant laugh of how funny and cute it was. She cried the whole way home as I told Logan that she really must love him even if they fight all the time.
Cute, cute Ella.


Chad said...

Sam reminds me of Eli as far as the poses go. We can not get a decent look from that kid during photo sessions.

DJ and Gin Family said...

I find messy hair, melvins, cracks, and snotty noses very atractive on men... is that just me?
Tell your Mom to be lucky she's still got "it"... I love your Mom. Also, your kids are funny and cute, even the beast.

Lisa said...

Don't forget about Sam shivering everyday at swimming and begging with his shivering lip "I want a snow cone" That is a happy minute!
P.S I like your kids!

Hendricksonblog said...

ahh yes Lisa I need to add that.

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