Thursday, June 3, 2010

I stand corrected---all he does is yell yell yell cont......

He stopped in one spot downstairs as to puke all in one semi contained area on the carpet.
You see, the downside to having two full servings of veggies and one full serving of fruit is that when it comes back up it pretty much looks the same. Now this is the kind of barf that grosses me out.
Logan listened last time I scolded him about running while throwing up. Thanks Logan.
At 12:30 a.m. I have the carpet cleaner humming, a load of gross laundry starting, a kid coughing his guts out in the family room, a feverish baby starting to cry and I am tired already. I stayed up with Neve most of the night in fact when I finally layed down to think I might get some luck I could hear the birds chirping outside. This may be the one time I have not been a fan of birds. At some point I picked her up out of my bed to walk her around because she was so miserable and she promptly barfed right down my shirt. That is the best!!! It is one of those things like a pooping of the pants. What do you do? How do you start with cleanup? Pull over your head?..............uhhh yuck........get the scissors out? Maybe an option but you end up resorting to rolling it up within itself and then pulling the shirt over your head with fingers crossed that none of it makes it to your face or hair. Baby barf scores much higher on not so gross scale than kid or adult though so I have that going for me.
I seriously think that I might just get a job at the sanitation department or sewage facility..........oh wait I already work there.
Dave's back is still a disaster so he cannot help because he cannot lift or carry anything. He is hooked up to some electrocution machine all day that lives in his pocket and he drives to work with a bag of ice behind him. Still so happy about those who cannot help themselves....LOVE YA!!!
I had all the kids home yesterday sick and I got my first taste of summer. Boo to some parts but mostly it was fine. Logan came to a realization and said "Mom, your life is really you like it?"
My honest answer "Most days its good but I wouldn't mind taking out a few parts, like kids that whine about practicing the piano". He rolled his eyes.
All I have to say is when I say something in a nutshell, plan on it being a really big nut.

This is just documentation and not so much woe is me because I will take all this kind of crap all day long every day to not have to deal with a real crisis in my life.

p.s. betcher glad I left photos out of this. Actually I don't usually take disgusting photos unlike a younger sister that I have. Don't worry Sarah no one will realize its you.


Angie said...

Pictures of puke doesn't gross me out nearly as much as the smell....ewhh.

Maybe if we put Dave and Jared together they could be a full functioning man. I am a little glad the concert was cancelled although Jared told me he would of toughed it out. Priorities!

Puke on!

The Wingwah's said...

I woke up with Strep today and it's been horrible! i'll take sick kids anyday over me being sick. Not that I want them to actually be sick, just that when I can't even stand up without almost throwing up nothing, and I mean nothing get's done around the house. My house is a disaster... well, it was then Sean came home and saved teh day.
I got the shot in the bum... holy cow i forgot how much it hurts.

and I just had to take a picture of that barf. Who doesn't like an cute little gingerbread man... made of barf.

Natalie said...

Sarah, why didn't you take a picture of that shot in the bum?

Boy April, I don't envy your mothering situation right now. Uber sick kids on top of a lame husband. I guess a nursing 2 week old baby would add another dimension of overwhelmingness.

We're moving tomorrow and Abby is sick. I hope it doesn't spread. . .

Lisa said...

I HATE PUKE. I HATE PUKE. I HATE PUKE. I HATE PUKE. I guess I should say I HATE PUKE FOR YOU!!! Cuz man how long is this puke bug going to last. Good luck. I will not do well if this comes to my house.

Natalie said...

Nothing worse than the sound of throwup to wake you from a sleep or keep you from sleep!! Not to be unsympathetic, but, I'm glad it's you...not me!!! Good Luck and just remember "All good things come to an end!"

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