Tuesday, June 1, 2010

“I do not like this one so well. All he does is yell, yell, yell…

Weekend in a nutshell.
Dave helps move a neighbor + Dave works in the yard all day = thrown out back.
It's unfortunate that some people claim they have bad backs so they cannot help and then the person with the real bad back moves their stuff for them and suffers. Hmmm....Bass ackwards!
Then on to Ella sick with the puking. The non stop kind where stomach bile builds up and then you gag your guts out until the 1/8 tsp makes its exit. So much effort for so little reward. Poor Girl.
Boys have a sleep out in the tent to practice their sleeping out skills for the fathers and sons.
Ella sleeps in my bed which is quite the treat if you know me.
Sam lasts until 10:30 and then wants to come inside.
Ella ends up with salad shooter (Dave's words not mine) The ironic thing about that is our puke bucket is the Tupperware lettuce container. (no worries it is only used for puke not produce)
Neve at 3 a.m. making the most wretched noises in her room. I open her door and whooooof the smell smacks me right in the face. Puke!!!
I take her to my bed where she continues to barf on me all night. I tried to get her to go for the towel but she is just too little to understand. Needless to say I reeked of puke but just the water kind. No food thank goodness.
Around 5 a.m. Sam makes his way into our bed. Dave is up around 5 changing his own underclothes. I am delirious and sitting in bed with pukey baby wondering what he did to need to change. Well he did nothing, except sleep by Sam who promptly peed our bed and apparently peed Dave. I would have taken the pee but I got the puke.
We get up and send Ella, who is feeling better off to school while Logan stays home with a cough. I have not showered yet because I am holding pukey and the kids want a Sprite so I throw them in the car and drive to McDonalds. Sam takes one sip of his chocolate milk and whoooalk............puke fest in the back seat. Ahhhh yeeees!!! He has it too. The photo above is where Sam chose to take a 3 hour nap.
My piles of laundry are sky high because I have all the bedding on the same day as clothes now plus the added bonus of car seats. Luckily I am an expert on throw up and have done this so many times I couldn't count.
I skipped out tonight and went for a jog. I'm slow and old but it felt good to get away. Finally took a shower too...............AWESOME!!!
I can only hope that tonight Logan runs through the basement and pukes the whole way up the stairs to tell me he has to puke. Passing 2 bathrooms on his way. Anyone else have kids that do this? AHHHHHH!!!

My title is derived from story time the other night with Sam when we realized one of the ABC characters is Neve on car rides. Big mouth and all.

Sam says: We were invited to Hendricksons for a BBQ and everyone was complimenting whatever people brought or made and Sam went up to Mike an Keri and said "hey, hey guys did you taste my moms corn? Its really good" (or something like that). That kids was trying his hardest to fish for compliments for me. Mike then asked Sam, "Hey Sam, did you taste my wife's pasta salad, it was good huh?" He is totally mocking Sam and Sam just says "I didn't eat any" (there is no way to tell this story the way it happened so this memory is just for those of us who were there to enjoy)
I've never been so loved and probably never will be again. I'm pretty sure he thinks I hung the moon. We will just keep it that way.


Angie said...

Jared has used the phrase salad shooter too, but he is refering to the butt doing the shooting.

I am glad there is no concert tomorrow, you would of probably got us all sick or just puked on us.

Good luck.

The Wingwah's said...

better you than me.

Hendricksonblog said...

yes Angie that is the end I was referring to.

Liz said...

That sounds like how my night went last night, except it was just one kid. It was not fun at all!

Natalie said...

You have just described my children. Passing all the bathrooms to tell me they have to puke. On the carpet or in the car. I, too, am expert. We should never go on a family car trip together.

Poor Dave and the back. And getting peed on.

Lisa said...

I HATE PUKE!!! I don't think there is anything worse. Good luck with that. And I will hope it doesn't come around here.
p.s Next time you are out on a jog give me a call. 2 titles on your blog in a row that I knew.

Susan Catmull said...

Wow, how did the puking bug get all the way out to my house in S. Jordan. I woke up to Nick telling me he threw up on the floor. I too sadly am not even bothered by it much anymore. Could do without the chunks though.

DJ and Gin Family said...

Keep the puking salad shooter germs away from my house... far, far away. Hope Dave's back gets better. I have an awesome chiropractor if your interested. My whole family goes to him.

DJ and Gin Family said...

I meant You're, not your.

Keri said...

I don't know that I could ever "get used to" throw up! yikes! Is this what motherhood is all about? Puke, pee, screaming and fighting? AWESOME :)

Please call me next time you go jogging too!

Noslo Family said...

I feel for you. We had it around mother's day - Chris got out of speaking by keeping his head in the toilet. I love the name list you posted on my blog! The funny thing is #1 Destiny has been Chris' favorite name forever. Ha Ha.

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