Sunday, May 30, 2010

Serenity Now!!!

Logan got his Bear patch or badge or whatever you call it the other night
All of our hard work finally paid off
Now I have to sew the dang thing on
So, after a pack meeting and today this title is so fitting
Dave and I taught primary today to sub for some out of towners. My title is also a quote that came out of Dave's mouth at least 5 times in 1 1/2 hours. It was a welcome change for me. Yeah, never thought I would say that either.
I have trouble with Primary for a couple of reasons that I realized today. Number one, they push their chairs all over while they sit so the rows get really crooked. Number 2, I felt a little claustrophobic but other than those two items it was a nice little break from blubbering ladies (me being one of them of course).
This post will be random as my posts usually are but I just thought the warning might be appreciated.
I took the kids to the Zoo on Friday before my pass expires that I am not going to renew this year.
We had fun but really after about an hour and a half at my walking speed you are pretty much done. Luckily they had the bird show running so we did that and apparently I sat in the prime spot. I got pelted in the head at least twice by large birds of prey wings. Yikes!!!
What happened to poor Nevey's face?
Well, since Mother's day has made its exit and is far from returning I tried my hand at some bad decision making. I put Neve on the front of Sam's Plasma Car while he was on back and sent them down the hill. It seemed safe at the time. Well the second time her face was not so lucky. She landed on it on the asphalt and Sam landed on her. I was scared to see her face but it wasn't that bad. As the days go by it gets worse just to make me feel worse. Well, I knew I got her pictures taken 2 weeks ago for a reason. That's looking on the bright side.
Summer is on its way (maybe) so the testing out a new chore chart ritual begins. Last year I did the jars with the tongue depressor sticks but I hated having to set the jars on the counter because they just bugged me there. I got this at Target for $9.99 so we will see if it was a good investment.I also really like these books and am going to torture my kids with them. Ella seemed to have lost a lot during last summer so I will try to avoid that this year. For Logan we will give him some extra knowledge of Presidents and crap. My Dad is probably swearing right now just from looking at the picture on the front cover of the book on the right.
(you feel the anger boiling, don't you dad?),
Maybe these will cheer you up. They always do for me. I love cherries. They are my favorite fruit by a landslide and I bought this after finding out where Karen got her sandwich baggy full of them. I seriously saw them and went directly to that store and bought them. They aren't the best but they will do.
Happy Summer to me!!!


Brian said...

That is the whitest Obama picture I have ever seen.

I heard Dave use that phrase a bunch Saturday as well. So I think it was just his phrase of the weekend for him. Sorry that one of your chair line messer-uppers was Ash. I'll have an intervention with her. Peace

Angie said...

I will let you know when my cherries are ripe and you can have some.

I need to get me a chore chart, another good excuse to hit Target, not that I need one.

I am the primary nazi with the rows and tipping. The kids get mad when they see me sitting behind them, but maybe if they didn't tip and sat still I woudln't.

Natalie said...

President Obama isn't black enough in that picture. And I'm a loser because I have zero plans whatsoever about summer. My kids get dumb every summer, so I just send them back to school in the fall the fill their brains up again. It's working pretty good for me.

You aren't a blubbering relief society lady. I can't believe that. I went to my new ward today and had to sit through 3 hours straight. I don't remember the last time I was a RS lady. Kind of nice not being YW pres anymore though.

Hernandez Family said...

I didn't even notice Neves face until you said something. I just figured it was food like most kids.

The Royals said...

The chair messer-uppers are the sunbeams fault. They get up and sit down and get up and sit down and up and down and up and down. I'm glad you went and got some cherries. The first batch I bought at the Sandy store and the second batch at the Magna store. I like the ones that I got at the Sandy store better. But cherries are my favorite. Brent says "What if there is a worm in the cherries?". My response, "oh, well".

Lisa said...

Lets see Good Mom: helping Logan with Scouts Bad Mom: for being a "blubbering lady"hahaha Good Mom: Taking the kids to the zoo. (And I might say I love this picture of Ella)Bad Mom: letting your kid get hurt. Extra good Mom: making the kids do chores and homework in the summer (I do both too!!!) It looks like Good Mom wins out this week well done.

TammaRamma said...

I was excited for Logan to get his Bear badge! Ok, I'm his scout leader, I have to be excited...but really I think it's great that he worked so hard and got it done early. =]

Primary terrifies me! The last time I went in to hear a talk one of my kids gave, I about had a nervous breakdown....all those kids, moving non stop. It was a nightmare!

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