Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just because Im hurting, doesn't mean I'm hurt.

Angi made these and I thought they were cute, unfortunately I didn't get a picture of her in her garbage man suit. She's good lookin' in coveralls!!!
I will admit that last episode hurt a bit. My brain is hurt. I do not attempt to go back and try to remember what is who and who is what.
What the Something Else really??? Dave and Keri were not happy. Angi and I were perfectly entertained as usual. Some others we will wait for their input because they are odd and put parenting before television. Our kids will be disasters tomorrow. I find that many teachers are disasters at this time of year so what the heck (I should say What the Hell in memory of Lost but I won't). They really overused that word this season and ain't. My ears hurt a little from that one.
I prefer just watching this version to make myself happy
Dana really must have known how it would end.
Adios my short lived friend that is a show although you are not my best TV show friend because Modern Family is. (Dave and I just started watching LOST 6 months ago so I feel bad for the suckers that have invested years).
I wonder what other show I can pick up to take the 27 spot in my lineup.

Oh and p.s. when did Bono get so old? So help me if they reschedule this concert for a dumb day that I will be out of town. Get well soon to get back into those sexy boots.

Sam says: Mom, you and Dad need to get a alarmin clock
I said: Why?
He said: So you can get up early to get those kids to school because you and Dad don't get up too early.

Sam comes up to me with sucked in cheeks and his lips poking out and says "Mom, I haven't had a kiss from you yet today" He's a lover I tell you.


Aimee said...

While I was out chasing sirens and flashing lights tonight, I noticed Keri and Angie were over. I didn't know you were all fans of LOST. I assumed you were playing wiener tag. Or wiener attack. Whatever that fish face kissing kid calls it. He's a pg13 kinda kid I decided. In so many ways.

The Wingwah's said...

I took me a second to even understand YOU.

I'm mad. Jack is much to sexy to die. I was ok with the ending... still confused, but liked it anyway, and I cried like 3 times. Jack and Juliet married was surprising. I feel like i'm losing 12 of my best friends, what will I ever do will my tuesday nights now? Oh yea, watch GLEE. and AS USUAL Sean said this was going to be the ending. I was somewhat right and thought it was some sort of purgatory. again... still WAY confused bout lots of stuff. I still think the ninja dude had no purpose.

Susan Catmull said...

Well I loved it all. I sort of guess they were dead too. But I didn't care cuz I just cried the whole last hour. Boy, I must be hormonal or something. I think I'm one of the crazy people who invest way to much into those characters. I think I might have to buy the whole series on DVD becuse I will definately need to get my Hurley and Sawyer fixes every once in a while. So long LOST!!!

Lisa said...

So the season of "no more questions" is done and I have a bajillion questions. I was not happy about the end, but am not smart enough I guess to really say how I would have liked it to end. Only I guess by saying that they weren't all dead. That would have been a good ending for me. Either way I am glad to see it end actually. It is a show that makes me crazy keeping me all confused and guessing "what the hell" all the time. Oh yeah that is a bad word and am not to say or think that anymore!
Tell Sam I think his best feature is his hair!!

Hendricksonblog said...

Funny last line Lisa!
My best features are the dimples in my calves and my energetic dancing.
and Sarah cut me some slack it was late and when I reread it I realized i was writing exactly how my brain was thinking which is really confusing sometimes and full of many run on sentences like this one that lacks punctuation.
Oh yeah Glee, oh it might be my favorite too. I can't decide.

Keri said...

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Hurley? I would like some lady friends and I am uncomfortable and confused! Best moments of the evening!
The ending sucked and I realize that today even more then last night but oh well - look at me "let go"
Modern Family is totally where its at so I will smile while I watch great shows like that and say Aloha Lost!

The Wingwah's said...

you added pictures and more to your first sentence... NOW you make sense.

Where'd ya get the Dharma soup? me likes.

Ya wanna know who does look like Hurley? the little girl on Enchanted. google it. I'm right.

Hendricksonblog said...

She totally does, that is almost creepy. Angi brought the soup and I think Keri showed her the site to print it from. Hey when Keri is into something she is "really" into it.

Brian said...

Lost, you failed me... Seriously, where in the he#& I mean heck, apparently that word is now banned, but where in the heck did the big statue come from!!! What was with the hieroglyphs? If kate is dead in her sideways life, then what happened to her island life flying toward her sideways life??? They needed another season. What was up with the specific numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42! What was Widmore's real purpose? Was he bad or good in the end? Why did jacob's brother become the smoke monster? What happened to the issue of ppl not being able to have kids on the island? etc etc.

Hendricksonblog said...

Oh Brian, don't!!! You are hurting my brain even more.

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