Monday, May 17, 2010

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

I guess we are all dull around here
I will stick with that if my boys know how to do this
Logan teaching Sam how to peel potatoes and Logan can do this without cutting his fingers
Logan taking a chance with the knife again and he succeeded in NOT cutting anything but the potatoes this time. Sam was the designated put them in the pot man
Neve (aka....cousin IT) helping Dave mow the lawn
"Slammin" Sammy
(I slammed him up there in case anyone wondered)
Yet another cute clothing comeback minus the screamin' Demon inside them.
Sam took away her army guy, I think a whole army could fit in her mouth
Ella took the opportunity to be gone during all this work but in her defense she is usually the only person helping me so she took a vacation day.


Norma said...

Logan must take after Dave because he was always the designated potato masher at our house. I used to tell the kids we could have baked potatoes if I was doing all the work, but they had to help peel if they wanted them mashed. Mean mothers are sometimes a good thing I think.

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