Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sam says "hey mom do you love me even more because when I pooed a little in my pants I rinsed my undies and put them in the hamper and got new undies on and you didn't even have to help me?" I laughed and he looked at me so seriously like why are you laughing, this is a serious question.

Sam sneaked out of his bed and came in to lay on the couch while Dave and I were watching Law and Order and after a minute he said "uhhh I could use a little blanket here"

He is so much like my Dad in his anal retentive ways so he was rightly named Alan as his middle name but I am learning very quickly that he, like Dave has mastered the art of manipulating things to get just what he wants. If I say no he always re words things to make it sound like a different request until I get so annoyed I cave. Yep he's a brat just like his Dad.

Nevey took my iphone today and slid her little finger across the screen to turn on the phone (you know where it says slide). I guess she can read because she got into the main screen without my help and turned on the ipod to 21 guns. Great taste she has.


Aimee said...

I forgot when I read your last post to comment on how much I love looking at wedding pictures. It seems like not that long ago we all got hitched. Until you see the pictures. I don't think I realized your hair was that short when you got married. Short for you anyway.

Keep those Samisms comin'. Nothin' better.

Angie said...

So do you love Sam more for rinsing his poopy underwear out and changing them without needing assistance?

We call them extra scooby doo's at our house, but I would have to ask a brother permission first to tell that story or maybe not.

The Wingwah's said...

are you turning into Yoda?

Becky said...

This post I love.

Very helpful is Sam.

Quite humorous is Sara.

Lisa said...

You are such a good mom. I would tell Sam that I would love him the most if he didn't need to change the undies in the first place!! I hope that he doesn't change to much in his old age.

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