Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You're killing me Smalls!!!

All I want is an Almond Snickers.
Do I normally give a rats #%!$ about Snickers?
No, so why?
We have changed the way this house runs to better our childrens health (it couldn't be for mine or Dave's since we are both in peak condition)
Ella and I went to the FUN clinic at Primary Childrens because we are trying to correct whatever is wrong with her metabolism.
Funny thing that the Doc found ironic, Ella didn't even make it onto the charts as a baby and clear up until the had her tonsils removed when she turned 5. We had to sneak fats into her food, poor little waif had saggy skin. She was so skinny that it made her average head look big. She looked like one of those soda shop dolls with the toothpick body. I picked this photo for 2 reasons or half a dozen. This is cute tiny Ella in the back with that fabulous haircut we loved. This other part will take my family down memory lane for a good laugh. Poor Nick and with Kerry to the rescue......double poor Nick.
anyway back to my long boring to everyone else essay.
Well now we are having the opposite issue. She already wears a Cpap for apnea (although I don't believe that is because of her weight, i think she was born with it) and she chooses food like she is very health conscious which is funny because she just likes the taste of healthy cereals more than the sugar kind. The nutritionist asked her if she went into the cupboard right now to pick a cereal what would she choose and she replied "Raisin Bran" I could have kissed her but really I had to suck back the tears of frustration I have with her jacked up body. I'm blaming Paxil. I didn't take it while pregnant with her but I want to blame something so it will be that.
I want to figure out what is up before it holds her back and causes problems for her and my little Sam could use some help in the healthy department too. That kid could eat 1 brownie and 7 cups of milk a day and be content.
So here's the regimen
~Breakfast (all healthy crap)
~Lunch (does anyone else realize they offer chocolate milk every day at school---we got screwed as kids, but my kids promised to only have it 2 times a week and the rest 1% and I think they both think i can check to see what they drank..........we will keep that myth going for a while)
~After school snack which I am being a little "overachiever" about with fruit kebobs and ants on a log and such but hey its only day 3.
~Dinner (we have to have half our plate vegetables, I think i might start using smaller plates)
Thats it!!! No snacks, no treats, no desserts except occasionally and they each have to have so much exercise in a day.
Ella loves this new routine..............go figure...............Logan is not so much happy about the inability to graze all day long. Sam actually ate an apple and a half on Monday....he has never eaten an apple before and so proudly tonight told Nellie "I have a fruit I like now Nellie, it's an apple" Nellie laughs.
Dave and I feel like if it something for Ella and Sam that we all should be doing it to first of all be supportive and secondly for our own health (and suffering).
The Specialist told me this really interesting thing and we will see if it helps me in my battle (not with the snickers, with the weight loss) Just because your stomach is growling doesn't mean you should eat. Its a primitive caveman instinct for your stomach to do that.
I really want to smack who ever came up with the six smaller meals a day crap............I think they have been sabotaging so many people.
So if I seem grumpy please give me the benefit of the doubt because I just might be kind of hungry. Either that or I am feeling guilty because I have just eaten a snickers in my closet and hid the wrapper in my shoe. (I didn't really do that but I'm a little worried that the idea came to me so easily).
So if you ever get the feeling to bring us crackers, cookies, cakes, or a Coke of all things, please don't. It would just be mean especially the coke with pellet ice (just drink your giant jug of water April and go to bed with that growly sound). Tylenol PM helps with this issue too if anyone cares........too sleepy to notice the grumbling.


Lisa said...

Sorry to say I haven't used this title yet on my own blog. It will come one day though. I tell my boys this all the time. Good job on getting the whole fam damily into your healthier lifestyle!! I think I am just going to cut out all desserts. I need to get this love of sugar out of Ashlyn (and me too!!) and I think it will do wonders. I hope it works for you all. Keep me posted.

Chad said...

You can bring us the cakes and goodies that people deliver that you do not want. I have never met a donut I didn't like.

Angie said...

Ella looks like Sam in that picture and so blond!

I can feel your pain. Have they tested her for allergies, what's up with that gluten thing? I hope they can figure something out.

I remember only getting chocolate milk once a week and you had to get in line fast or it was gone.

I think our poor kids are really just screwed. I get so ubber annoyed when they come home from anything, scouts, dance, games with a treat. Why do adults think we have to do that? Is it because we never got treats at anything? Sounds like you are doing a great job with little Ella and I am sure that it will pay off.

GOod luck and I will eat a snickers in your name!

Nichole said...

The first few weeks will be HELL!! Then after that your body will get used to the kind of food and amount of food you are intaking! I am using the website to help me along so I know what my calorie/carb/sodium etc intake is. And the BEST part is that when I burn 400 calories exercising I get to eat those calories back!! Good luck...this first part really sucks! FYI - The Biggest Loser cookbooks are AWESOME and yummy!

Natalie said...

My opinion: I would let them snack, just limit what they can eat freely from, we let them eat fruit, veggies, yogurt, string cheese, granola bars, and gummies (one a day) and you too, that way you're not starving all day! Maybe you could treat yourself to a coke one day a week. We make Sunday "Pepsi Day" at my house, we usually go to my mom's house and she has mountains of free Pepsi for my consumption. Good luck!

The Peton's said...

Sorry. That is no fun. But I guess it will have good benefits. It's hard being the mother because it takes so very much energy to do the food thing like you're doing. It's like you become responsible 100% for everyone's food choices
in the entire family. Including the husband. Why is it that when my husband gains weight, I feel guilty? It's his own damn fault he hates to exercises and only eats a few token fruits or veggies with dinner.

Every so often, Neal will get to feeling guilty and say, "Natalie, will you only make healthy stuff?" Which is funny, because I always have healthy stuff with every meal. So, I'll make some sort of salady thing for a few days in a row. Pretty soon he'll throw down his fork and yell, "I can't take it anymore. I'M STARVING!!" And that's about how the Neal diet goes. It's cyclical.

The Wingwah's said...

I was blessed to come with the liking of veggies built right into me from a young age. I remember mom using me as an example to try and get you to eat your vegatables. I think we do okay with eating the healthy stuff, BUT I know our sugar intake is way too high. Good luck with it all, Daphne would die at your house, she doesn't like healthy food much. And whoever said something about how there are treats at everything nowadays, is SO right. What is up with that? We hardly ever got treats as children. Hence your Holiday oil excursions where you'd blow all your green sheet money on candy. I would save mine up for Barbies. What a bunch of losers; Candy fiend and a kid much too old to care so much about dolls.
Daphne now wears that shirt Ella is wearing in the picture.

The Royals said...

I think it's awesome that the whole family is doing it to help with Ella and Sam. I promise not to bring you a coke. I am having one after the race on the 8th. I will think of you when I drink it! I agree with Natalie and letting the kids graze on healthy things. Veggies don't have many calories and are good for you. You can probably find some that the kids like. And Lisa, don't you just eat snack foods?!

裕以 said...
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Hendricksonblog said...

Thanks for all the love. We have done snacks in the past and I dont really buy much unhealthy stuff and never really did. Sam still didnt gain any weight and Ella continued on her present path so we will just let our bodies adjust to this. DAY 4 is way better than day 2 was. My kids aren't the ones complaining anyway, its just me in my own head (oh yeah and on my blog)

Chad said...

I think its awesome that you even have support from China. Is that cause Dave goes there.

Hendricksonblog said...

Too funny Chad!!!
Yes I will say that is the reason but dont click on the links because its all about a whole other thing they do in China called Karoake

Lisa said...

I forgot pray tell why the poor kid was being sucked down into a grave. Looks like a great story you should have on your blog "for posterity's sake"!!

necko said...
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