Friday, April 30, 2010

just because he doesn't do what everybody else does

You ever noticed how you make a giant mess trying to organize something else?
I went to an organization class last night and I learned a lot...........BUT, I don't follow other peoples instructions very well, especially when I already have a SYSTEM.
My system may be messy all in the middle but I never leave it half done.
That makes me crazy!!!
This is the end product which really only looks a few steps above what it already looked like but I had to dust those shelves so everything had to come out.
I did listen to the part about where someone said you could buy spice containers, because I need more and lets be honest, those Tupperware ones in there cost Dave a fortune 8 years ago. (I'm such a sucker for those parties)
I should have listened to the part about planning how many you will need so you buy enough.
I will be visiting WinCo again soon.
This is my pantry on a normal day
Sam did vacuum it before this photo and spent a ton of time with it suctioning his face but then I gave him the talk about hickeys (not really)
I do alright with organization for the most part, I have slacked a little in the last few years with issues in my head but I'm right back on top of it. Thanks Relief Society Enrichment Activity Crafts, Food and Making home and Family Night. (seriously why do we keep changing the name of that?) My cereal looks a little Seinfeld-ish, I realized after this photo(I like Options). I knew I should have hidden a little superman in the picture somewhere for a reason.
Moral to my story: I think the organization class is very very good for people like Nellie who get sidetracked easily but I am a very focused project doer so I will save my moolah and not buy those bankers boxes, unless of course they come full of money. I will however continue to buy containers. I love them!!! IKEA has really good kids room containers and bed risers so they fit under the bed nicely (not the children, the stuff)

I have this friend Brad who calls me Bad-A-Bray. He says I do things opposite of the norm just to be difficult and rebellious. So if he were the blog reading type this would be one more strike against me.

p.s. I had that Snickers today. I don't consider it cheating one bit because first of all I am the Mom and secondly I did 8 miles yesterday and 7 today on that rusty old treadmill of mine.

p.s.s. That photo of my nephew was just a hole in the ground where the spirits get out to haunt people at night. Really no one was tugging on his foot from the other side except a load of mud.


The Royals said...

You are so freakin' hilarious! All I did today was the dishes! I think I will tackle my projects with a little of April and a little of what we learned last night. Your cupboards look amazing, by the way!

Lisa said...

I have my own system too, but some of her ideas were great. I wont buy boxes either. Once I start I wont stop till its done either. Or it will drive me crazy. I washed all the insides of my windows today. Unfortunately you cant tell because it is the outside that needs it the most. I am hoping for a few days without rain. Does that count for not running? Yeah I didn't think so either. Hope Sheri's class will cover me for today.

Angie said...

I tried to link every one of your colored words. Were you trying to trick me? Can I hire you to come and help me make sense of my clutter? I will trade you for tupperware!

Chad said...

I went to a tupperware party once. I thought it was something completely different. Who knew?

The Peton's said...

That's a lot of treadmill, April. You're amazing. I hate my treadmill because 30 minutes seems like an eternity.

You've always been pretty organized. Love those winco spices. Once I found out about those, I was in heaven. It's crazy cheaper than the regular spice aisle.

Aimee said...

Bad-a-bing Bad-a-bray. Overachiever on so many levels.

tagskie said...

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