Sunday, April 25, 2010

four wheels scare the cockatoos

Logan and I are spending this lovely Sunday afternoon working on the beloved Cub scout book while Dave helps Ella plan the lesson for FHE. Logan is very excited to do things in this book. Dave always says "Have I told you how much I hate Cub Scouts?" It is kind of fun helping him but we kind of pick and choose what we can do with my limited talents and abilities. This is a model I helped him with last week and it was really hard. We did test it in the sink and Dave and Logan won the bet because I said it wouldn't float.
Today we decided to work on our fire escape plan. Logan made the plan of our house last week but no one was home to do a drill so we did it today. We were talking about fires and what you do if there is one. Sam was getting so into this conversation and was very intense and serious about all the scenarios and possibilities. I asked the kids if the cat was stuck inside do you come back in for her and in my world the answer to that is of course NO. So then I said do we try to grab stuff and take it with us? They said no and Dave decided to take this one step further and mentions some specifics to Sam. He told him that he should not take his Batman toys because it was more important to save people and our toys could be replaced.

This is how Sam felt about that
broken heart!!! He is soo worried that the stores don't carry the Batman stuff anymore. I had to explain to him that our house would probably never burn down and he probably wouldn't need to worry about his batman guys. Besides the fire would spend a lengthy amount of time in Ellas room burning through all her crap.


Lisa said...

Dont' forget to check the smoke detectors weekly per the school handout.
p.s you look really good in that picture. Logan is cute too I guess!!!

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

I'm so glad you're keeping it real with your kids; it prepares them for the hard knocks ahead of them in their lives.

The Peton's said...

Way to scare the crap out of your kids. Hilarious about the Ella fire-wall.

Sounds like you guys are being uber FHE-ish lately. Scouts, FHE, fire safety. You're making me look bad. For FHE tonight, I think we're just going to build a Thomas Train track for Abby. "A" for effort, right?

The Royals said...

I agree with Lisa, you are looking good! And couldn't you let Sam just bring one Batman toy. What a sad face!

Angie said...

You and Logan have the same smile, love it.

You and Dave are just horrible parents! Sam should come and live with me. We will never have fires, just mice.

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