Friday, April 9, 2010

Una poca de gracia para mi para ti

The 3rd Grade South America Project
(AkA the mom of the 3rd grader project)
UUUGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I hate this kind of stuff. I am not creative at alllllll!!!
I was a hater of you until now. I find you all over my house and you get caught in my vacuum but You sparked an idea in my head while I leaned my giant mass over to dig you out.
I will never disregard your value ever again, that is as long as he gets a good grade.
Pretty proud of myself, I am. Logan I mean.
He did do a lot but seriously what can they expect from a 3rd grade boy who can't sit still?
okay i have to add a few more photos since that first one doesn't quite portray the depth of my vision and artistic ability..........okay just kidding about most of that.
That is a waterfall that Logan made with out my help. I think it is cute. It reminds me of Lost in that little jungle-ish area.
Instead of Labeling each country we just attached their flag.......I hope that pun int.

Bendaroo's are cool. If I am being fair they are not the real Bendaroo's brand.......Target (my friend that is a store) has knock offs that are way cheaper.

Our long lost friend came for a visit today. I am driving her crazy because I keep asking her if she is going to sleep over. That is actually the plan but she has never made it at our house past 11 p.m. (and we don't even let Chucky out til 11:30). She gets nervous and Jason comes to pick her up and Ella cries and is sad but quickly falls asleep out of exhaustion. So I am teasing her and she promised me she would stay. We will see if she can make it just to prove me wrong.
We love Krystal and have missed her. Maybe I will ask Kendra if I can keep her around until I'm sick of her. She is being a great little mom right now for Sam and Neve. We all know how I love the extra hands and help (even if they have to be married to my same husband ha ha).
That sounded bad......Krystal is not married nor will ever marry Dave I was speaking of my feelings on a very touchy subject for many Mormon women but lets just leave that can closed for now. (pssst a he said she said on that)

Neve said "uh oh ketty o" today. She says dow (down) and dain doo(thank you) but this qualifies as her first sentence.
She keeps finding candy today too, it is making me nuts. Where is all this candy coming from?

We went to the park yesterday and I let the kids play for an hour while Logan had soccer practice. Sam said to me "mom the only fun thing at this park is the tater tot and all the kids are on the tater tot" Angi made me promise not to tell Dave this story because he has this terrible habit of correcting Sam right then and there and she and I think he should be able to say cute (wrong) things while he is still little. I told Dave anyway (sorry Angi) but he only pretended he was going to correct him and didn't.


Chad said...

A He Said She Said on polygamy?

Lisa said...

I dont speak anglish either I guess. I will need to google your title.
I haven't heard of bendaroos.
I don't like homework for parents.
Your map looks awesome.
'''''''''''''''' that is from Luke.
Bring on the wife who likes too cook.
I miss Kristal too. The whole fam really.
Neve most likely has some sort of super power to smell sugar. Ashlyn does.
I like funny things kids say too. There is nothing better.

Hendricksonblog said...

Ahh yes Chad I love that topic and how it gets everyone all freaking out.

The Wingwah's said...

Trisha and I always talk about how we would LOVE to be polygamist. Not the homely long-dress with velcro-sneaker kind, but the Big Love kind. I've never seen the show, but i've heard they LOOK normal. Okay, I probably wouldn't "love" it, but I don't get jealous and would be totally fine if Sean gave me a night off, ha ha.

I always correct my kids too, but maybe i shouldn't care as much. Daff totally has a weird accent going on right now. Phoebe pretty much has her own language. Luckily I speak it.

The Peton's said...

Homely long dress with velcro sneakers. Very very hilarious! I think you would look great like that, April.

Good job on the map. I'm one of those parents who has no idea what the new toys etc are. Bendaroos? They look cool, and I think Logan will get a great grade.

I would scratch the sister wifes eyes out every time she smiled at our husband. But that's just the way I am. We wouldn't stay poly for long, because I would keep killing off the other hussies.

The Peton's said...

So April - I just read the little title at the top of your blog. TOTALLY sums up your personality 100%. Well done!

Chad said...

My kids stuck the bendaroos all over our car windows on the last road trip. They leave little traces that are a nightmare to clean off the windows. I hate hate hate bendaroos.

Aimee said...


Lisa said...

Hilarious Aimee!! Well played!

Jenn said...

Your brave. I do love the way you utilized them for the project. But, I HATE Bendaroos.. My kids got them for xmas and I am constatnly picking them out of what little carpet we have. They are stuck all over the walls in bedrooms. Tacky, and Icky full of hair.

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