Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do you know what "nada" means? Isn't that a light chicken gravy?

I mowed the lawn today and yes it needed it, it is very green and I have missed the smell of fresh cut grass. Now my work begins. I have slacked on my yard a bit in the last two years because my "vision" keeps changing so I needed to wait to decide what I actually want to do rather than continuing to waste money and effort to just change it later. (super duper run on sentence) So I am taking out some flower beds because if i am being real there is not a chance in hell i can keep up with all these beds. Dave may possibly turn my garden into a putting green. Seriously, vegetables or golf? is there even a question?. We have a metric ton of concrete to pour, eventually a garage to be never can have too many of those for all your stuff that I don't keep. Let the yard work/money pit begin.........

Attempted some Easter photos at my moms on Sunday
Take 2
Take 3
Take 4
Take 5
Okay forget it!!!
Logan said "why do i have to wear my Easter clothes to grandmas when there is no church?" and I said "because Easter is all about being uncomfortable!!!"
I still stand by that being a good enough answer
Sam givin' some of his sweet love to Neve
Man this boy is a lover and a kisser......look out girls he's had some practice

Dave turned a little older the other day
I made molten lava cakes
I was going to surprise him with and iPad but his friend told me to wait for the 3G
(not sure what any of that means)
I got him tickets to U2 really because c'mon we all know he will buy the iPad either way
we went to eat at Q4U because he loves southern BBQ
Good food, expensive check
Remember when 35 year olds were really old? yeah me too. I can't believe that I never believed my mom when she said you won't believe how fast time goes by. Believe it!!!
Sometimes I'm glad for that and other times I'm not so much.

Sam calls Nellie to ask what Finlay likes before we go to the store to get him a present. He gets off the phone and I ask him what she said. He said " well, well, well she said he likes Sonic and then she said some other stuff but I don't really know because she was speaking angleish so i didn't understand"
Last night at dinner Sam was not even going to try the tortellini so we were all saying we liked it to get him to taste it. He thought Ella didn't like it and when she said she did like it (even though she didn't) he started to cry and stomped and said "fine if I'm the only one who doesn't like It then I am going to just go eat my garlic bread in my room" and stormed away with a broken heart.

Lastly is a story of my Dad's mom just so I never forget it (like that is possible)
My parents took Chloe and Ella with them to Nephi to visit Grandma Rockwell and her cats. She starts telling this story about her cat "sebastian" that died. Well her grandson wasn't coming up til the weekend and she had no where to put this dead cat. So she put it in a sack and put it in the freezer until he could come bury it. My mom said you should have seen Chloe and Ella's faces.....big eyes, open mouths. Then she made a nice little casket for the cat with a satin lining and a red bow so when my cousin came to bury it she pulled it out of the freezer and one of its legs was sticking straight up in the air so they had to break its leg to get it in the casket. My mom laughs once again as she recalls the girls faces as the story goes from bad to worse.
The girls are semi-traumatized yet entertained at the same time. The kicker is that my mom said they didn't have anything to eat while they were there just ice cream sandwiches, which i quickly reminded her probably came from the freezer that the cat was in, you should have seen my moms face when I said that. I told Ella to come home with some good stories from grandmas and she didn't disappoint.
So this is my disclaimer if I ever seem kind of or a lot crazy. Its in my genes!!!


The Peton's said...

That's the best story EVER! Why did it take you so long to blog about it?

I think I remember going to your grandmas house a long, long time ago.

Lisa said...

When you are done with your yard come on over and do ours. We need a lotta concrete too.
I like your kids pictures. That is how picture taking goes around here too. The next picture I hang is going to be a "real" shot.
I think your grandma sounds like a hoot. At least she didn't eat the cat!!!
P.S I like Daves watch.

Chad said...

Dave's getting old.

The Wingwah's said...

slacked on yard work? we've had snow since November. That or it's been bloody freezing!!! well, to me anyway. To you, it's probably just a bit breezy.

I'm thinking about just copy n pastin' the granny story for all my friends to read. Then maybe they'll really "understand" me.

Nichole said...

Cute easter outfits...even cuter kids! I always love your kids antics...they are so funny! As for Grandma Rockwell...I might do what Sarah is doing and copy that story...just because it's so funny!

Aimee said...

Can I copy and paste too? I haven't had much to blog about lately.

All you have to do is call/text and I would be happy to do pix of your kids. Though yours turned out more "candid."

I'm frustrated with yard crap already. Why is the whole neighborhood green and my lawn still looks like it's December? If you notice, our old house has beautiful green grass thanks to my hard work for the last two years. Now I guess I get to start over again.

Liz said...

That story is so funny! I didn't know you had relatives in Nephi. That's where all my relatives are from. I bet they know eachother.

Hernandez Family said...

My favorite is picture #5. That is the best story! If I was grandma I would have just thrown the cat in the garbage.

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