Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Come talkin' that trash and we'll pull your card

What's Up with all the Hating?
I have a beef with something! So here we go!
I am from here, and I now live here so what is the deal with people not thinking before they talk (I do often say what I think but I try to survey my audience first). I don't really understand the grass is greener theory. Lisa makes me laugh with her take on it. She says the grass looks greener but when you get over there you see its just all weeds. Thanks for that Lisa. I couldn't agree more.
Do you not make your life what it is? Can you not make your surroundings better? Or do you just leave that to someone else to take care of? If a city is left too long without people who care still in it, it will soon creep its way into your new "wonderful" city and we will all just keep moving south and east until we are in New Orleans. Now there's a green city!
So I understand if people want to move or where they are isn't necessarily ideal for them but to bag on the place to those who live there or heaven forbid grew up there, is just plain ridiculous and very poor in taste and manners.
It is really starting to piss me off!!! (I don't love that saying but It is quite explanatory of how I feel about it so its use is warranted)
Plus I am loving all the people who comment after the news and stuff about the crime and such in this city. Well Helloooooo it is the 2nd largest city in the state so, DUH!!!! there might be some crime and a kidnapping and even some (gasp) Mexicans (gasp).
Okay so on to that now too. What is all the hating of Hispanics? I don't get this!!!
Are we really resorting back to the slave days and hating a race?
Please tell me No.
and seriously have you ever eaten a tamale?
How could you hate the makers of this little slice of heaven?
They are people like you and me and they speak Spanish.(double gasp)
my baby speaks gibberish.........shall I hate her until she learns English?
Let us not forget who scrambled all the languages to begin with. Hmmmmmmm
LAME !!!
The End
Now on to a funny little video of my little Spaniard who I fondly nicknamed "Brown" when he came out quite dark and many people asked me if his dad was Mexican (have you seen Dave's skin in the summer.........he kind of is)

My blog is being freakish so the font is crazy. I hope i can fix this later


Jenn said...

I agree with you. I grew up here and love it. I would not want to live where the grass is greener, only because you would have nothing to work at to make you who you are. I just hate when said mexis steal my stuff, when we work hard to get it the first time. Their food IS to die for.

Angie said...

Keep the Zombies away from me.

I could go off on this forever, but first did you ever see the southpark episode that had people from the future and they were all yellow because all the races had mixed? Sometimes that show is so politically correct.

I love Magna and I am not ashamed to say I am a westsider even though I don't live their anymore. I think that people have become so entitled that they don't have to acknowledge others and it makes me sad. To complain that the grass is greener is only to decieve. People are good and I really believe that and I feel they become how they are treated.

Are you sure Dave isn't a Mexican?

The Wingwah's said...

It's whatever minority is the majority. In the south, it's black people the whiteys can't "handle", in California it's those "asians" and mexican's. My friends from california are always saying crap about asians and mexicans... and I always say "so you're racist then?" and I love to watch them backtrack because someone finally said something. Some white people some how still think they are better than others. I can't STAND this crap as well. I've even thought about writing a letter to the Ensign and have them address this issue with our fellow racist white LDS brothers and sisters. You think it's bad there, you should hear the crap people up here say, really, really PISSES me off. One of the many reasons we'll be moving back to "mexico".

ANd I laughed so hard at Sam! "they just freak you out!" ha ha.

The Wingwah's said...

and personally I think white trash happens to be the most offensive race.... and even then, I still feel bad for them.

Liz said...

I agree with you. I got so frustrated in school because I went to a school on the east side. A few of my friends over there didn't want to venture out to my house because they were afraid they would get robbed. My sister had her prom at Gardner Village and they put that it was in Sandy instead of West Jordan because they thought people wouldn't come because it was on the west side. I could go on and on, but I will stop there.

Noslo Family said...

You've hit the nail on the head. If you can't be happy here, you probably won't be happy there. We are lucky to have nice homes and neighbors and kids for our kids to play with. There are much scarier places. I grew up on the East side and I like it here. In the beggining we moved to Magna because that's all we could afford, but we were welcomed with open arms and decided to stay.

DJ and Gin Family said...

My Mom in law was freaking out when we were talking about adopting, and she thought that she could end up with a black grandkid... she's afraid of AIDS. Seriously? She also wasn't to keen on the fact that her son was dating a chick from WVC. Funny, considering she grew up in Rosepark. People can really suck and I'm glad I grew up in Best Valley. Go Cyprus Pirates!

DJ and Gin Family said...

P.S. Can I have Sam? He's a hoot!!

The Royals said...

Amen!!!! I get crap all the time from family members about living where we do. I like it here. We have good friends and neighbors. We lived in California and what we have here is sooo not a bad neighborhood. By the way, I think your grass is greener than mine. Can I move in with you?

The Peton's said...

I could go on for days about this topic. I've lived on both sides of the fence, and both sides have amazing advantages/disadvantages. Just depends on how you look at it.

I remember some of the SOB's on the east side wouldn't visit us at Cyprus because their parents were worried about their safety.

Then my parents moved to the east side and we lived in their ward for a few years. Incredible people. I could go on for days about their goodness.

Then I went away to school and made friends with some "rich" kids. And guess what? They were really nice.

I live in the ghetto of Salem now. Something that bugs is when I hear some of my YW or their parents trash talk the "rich" wards in our stake. Some of our girls are even mean to the "rich" girls at camp. Reminds me of President Benson's talk on pride when he said the worst kind of pride is from the bottom looking up.

But then we get surprised looks when there's a "lawyer living in the Royal Oaks ward? Why would you live there?"

Funny, but we're moving in a couple of months to a better part of town. Our kids schools suck and there are not many advantages I'm seeing by having my kids hang with some of the crowds they go to school with. Kate's the only LDS kid in her grade and Sarah is one of 6 LDS kids in her entire middle school. But, we've been totally happy here and a place/ward is what you make of it.

Oh, and Sarah, you don't have to write to the Ensign. President Hinckley spoke a lot about racism the last couple of years of his life. Remember, there are more brown mormons than white ones . And they pay 10% too, right?

Sorry I just blogged in your comment section. I usually don't touch on these issues when I blog or socialize. It's awkward.

Hernandez Family said...

Thank You April!!! I would rather have a mexican for a neighbor then a judgemental white. Is that racist or what. I could go on all day about this subject but I won't.

PS.It may sound rude but the people who are moving can move!

Aimee said...

I'm surprised you vented and actually left this post for all to read. It's been 8 hours..

I am all about Westside Pride. Jer and I will shout it from the rooftops that we are from Magna. You know - that place WAAAAAY WEST... like almost to Tooele. Besides, there are places like Ken's Sandwich Shoppe, Kiwi Bakery, Grub Box, and the Gem Theatre (that might be closed, but I still loved it).


Lisa said...

I thought you were doing the bigger and bigger text just to make a point of how your are feeling!!! I wish I could do it on here. Start bigger font now. I too am from Best Valley (I am happy to see someone else remembers those late 90 years!!) I guess I want to live in a city with just Zombies. They don't even hurt you and you don't have to see their blood. Sounds nice. Bigger font. I am a firm believer in you make your own happiness. And a city wont do it for you. There is good and bad (yes even on the east side) everywhere. Biggest font. I think it is easier living "out here" than it would be some other places. I think there is more acceptance of people. Does Cafe Rio count as Mexcian? Then yes I love their food too!!
p.s I love everyone who doesn't break the law. That seems pretty fair to me. That is why Aimee will be the nicest person on earth and not me!!!

Hendricksonblog said...

I actually got all fired up reading KSL comments.....that was my first mistake. the rest is just from years of hearing about it from people all around. It wasn't sparked by anyone in particular (really)
I left it up because I am not using it to publicly attack anyone just saying "be nicer" and don't judge by where someone lives or the color of their skin. I believe there are nice people everywhere and scumbags everywhere so just try to not be a scumbag. Okay!!! now THE END

Becky said...

My brother-in-law is Tongan, one of my daughters best friends is hispanic, one of the hottest guys at Cyprus was black (guess he still is), and the amazing assistant principal at my kids elementary is black and amazing. I'm white and average. My opinion is that everyone is basically good. I'm a cautious friend. I tend to wait until true colors come out. When they do my new friend is always a better person than I am, with much to offer and teach me and others. We have fifteen mixed race marriages in our ward.

Oh yeah, our last neighbors were hispanic and I kept taking them goodies in the hopes that I would get some tamales or cinnamon thingies...didn't happen. Karma

TammaRamma said...

Halejuah sistah! I love our part of the woods. 'Nugh said!

Chad said...

I hear ya sistah. I feel a little out of the loop. Did someone bag on Magna? If I am around when that happens I always say at least it isn't West Valley or Kearns! Seriously.

I am probably semi-racist. But I hate someone from every race so at least its even. I even have trouble with gays. And a lot of straights too. I guess I just have a lot to work on.

v建勳 said...
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Brian said...

1. I really liked this point. "my baby speaks gibberish.........shall I hate her until she learns English?"
2. I'm not racist, I hate everyone
3. Can you link me to this news story that triggered this so I can get fired up as well?

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